How convenient! Thanks to Huawei Share, I work on a laptop, tablet and smartphone

 How convenient!  Thanks to Huawei Share, I work on a laptop, tablet and smartphone

The times when most of the things related to work or using the Internet were performed only on the computer are gone forever. Yes, an efficient, light and slim laptop is still the basis for comfortable work, but it is also worth reaching for additional tools that facilitate file exchange, data transfer or continuing work on another device. by train, to sit comfortably in front of the laptop screen later and continue working. All this is possible thanks to the convenient solutions of the Huawei intelligent connectivity ecosystem. I mean, of course, Huawei Share technology, which allows you to quickly transfer photos, videos and other files between devices, so let's take a look at what this solution offers.

The ecosystem is the basis of reliable connectivity

Wireless connectivity can be unreliable, and transferring important data between devices is not always that easy. And here comes the key word: ecosystem. Using devices and solutions from one manufacturer, we can be sure that everything will work flawlessly.During testing the latest Huawei MateBook 14s notebook, which will be a good choice for people looking for slim and efficient equipment with a beautiful screen and a strong battery, I found out that Huawei Share technology is the best way to achieve full integration between devices.

The manufacturer focused on simple and effective solutions that are affordable even for less advanced users. It is extremely important because the technology can be used even by people without specialist technical knowledge.

Basic work tool? A powerful laptop

I checked the possibilities of Huawei Share on the MateBook 14s notebook, which sets the bar really high in the premium segment. The laptop is made of aluminum, and the strong construction makes it a device for years. A solid casing is one thing, but appropriate dimensions also count. In this field, Huawei also does not disappoint, a 14.2-inch 2.5K FullView screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate is placed in a slim housing. Thanks to ultra-narrow frames, it takes up as much as 90% of the front panel area. The computer can be easily taken on a journey because it weighs only 1.43 kg.

In the case of laptops, efficiency and long battery life are also important. MateBook 14s has a capacious 60 Wh battery that can be quickly charged with a compact 90W USB-C charger. What's more, this charger can also be used to power smartphones and tablets. How does this slim notebook work with other brand devices? Here it is worth taking a look at Huawei Share technology.

The synergy of two worlds

Let me start with my favorite Huawei Share related feature. Using the dedicated software available on Huawei laptops, I can quickly transfer the smartphone interface to the MateBook screen. Importantly, connecting the phone to the computer is extremely simple. All you need to do is activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC on your phone and turn on the PC Manager program on your computer. Then put the unlocked phone to the Huawei Share sensor, which is usually located below the keyboard. The screen from the phone is displayed in a vertical window (horizontal mode is also available) and you can use the mouse to run your favorite applications. This solution allows you to run up to 3 windows, so you can always have your favorite apps on your computer screen at hand. How to use this solution in a useful way? You can, for example, transfer files from your phone to your computer by dragging and dropping. The whole process is even more convenient on the MateBook 14s, because the computer is equipped with a touchscreen. I mentioned earlier about working with documents on a smartphone. This is not the most convenient method of work, but it is sometimes necessary. Thanks to Huawei Share, I can open a document saved in the phone's memory, edit it using the keyboard and mouse, and then save the changes. Ultra comfortable. Do you still remember what the basic function of our phones is? Yes, they are phone calls. By wirelessly connecting a smartphone to a Huawei laptop, you can also receive phone calls or video calls on your computer. I don't think I need to convince anyone that when working this form of communication is the maximum convenience. The advantages of Huawei Share will also be appreciated by people participating in online meetings. With MatePad, you can use an additional screen to see meeting participants while gaining full working space on the laptop screen. In the case of tablets and computers, the possibilities of device integration are much wider. You can, for example, duplicate the MateBook screen on the tablet screen in real time. It's a great way to turn your tablet into a sketchbook for working with graphics programs on a laptop. There's also a "Collaborate" mode so that your tablet and laptop can use the same keyboard and mouse at the same time. Files and texts can be conveniently "dragged" between operating systems. This is not the end of useful solutions. It turns out that the software has implemented the function of recording the computer screen directly on the smartphone. How it's working? Just shake the smartphone and put it to the touchpad of the computer, where the Huawei Share sensor is located. Then we confirm the desire to record the screen on the computer and it's ready. The smartphone records what is happening on the laptop screen. Huawei goes even further by allowing you to wirelessly cast your laptop screen to the large display of the HUAWEI MateView monitor. So you don't have to get tangled up in a tangled cable to work comfortably, for example in the office while using programs that require a larger work space.

Intelligent functions increase the comfort of work

As you can see, the ability to integrate various devices with the Huawei ecosystem has many advantages that can be used while working or studying. The latest MateBook 14s notebook is a device that works perfectly with tablets and smartphones of the brand, so it will be a great choice for people who want to use the potential hidden in the Huawei ecosystem.

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