Screen recording? We explain how to record your PC, iPhone and Android screen

 Screen recording?  We explain how to record your PC, iPhone and Android screen

Android screen recording

Devices managed by the Android operating system are very popular. When we decide that we want to record an image, we should first check if we have a built-in screen recording option. How can I check it? Let's get the control center out of the top. Perhaps there is a camera icon with a circle inside, or another one that says "Screen Recording". Specialists recommend such a solution due to the low load on our phone. Unfortunately, in this case we are not dealing with a lot of recording options. The screen recording operation is very easy, because to start recording, just click on the aforementioned icon. If we want to end this activity, we touch the screen in the same place a second time.

Of course, not every Android smartphone needs built-in applications. Does that mean others don't have a chance to record your screen? Of course not! Fortunately, there are many applications that you can download and install on your device for absolutely free. They will work just as well and fulfill their basic functions. The "AZ screen Recorder" application is certainly noteworthy. It is software that has enjoyed particular popularity recently. Interestingly, in this case we are dealing with many advanced settings, thanks to which we are able to adjust the recording to our own needs. To start recording, click the camera icon and wait a few seconds. If we decide to end the movie, click "Stop" in the notifications.

screen recording - iPhone?

The IOS interface looks completely different, despite everything, video recording is also a relatively easy activity. First, open the smartphone settings, and then select "Control Center". A new window should appear with the option to "Customize Tools". Please click the "+" next to the screen recording, it will make this option easily accessible. If we decide to record the image in the future, we just need to pull out the control center from the bottom. You should now see the record video icon. Do you want to run the entire process? Click on the appropriate box and wait a few seconds. If you want to end it, click the circle again and the recording will be saved.

However, there are situations in which we are interested in more options, and even we would like to stream, then it is worth considering the "DU Recorder-Screen Recorder" program. The software is freely available and is very popular. Once we manage to download and install the applications, we can start recording the image. How can this be done? Click the "DU Recorder-Screen Recorder" icon, and then "Start recording" which will start the screen recording process. If we want to quit, click on the orange top part of the screen, then "Stop".

Record your computer screen

Recording the computer screen seems to be the most problematic. In this case, too, there are many programs that allow you to do this. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software is paid. It is true that there are free versions, but they are very limited in terms of functionality and additionally have a watermark. What does this mean in practice? The recording in some part of the image will have the logo of the given application, which is often quite annoying. However, if you care about a good and free program, then consider "OBS". It is quite an advanced tool that is relatively complicated, therefore it is recommended for more experienced users.

Interestingly, the latest Windows 10 operating system also allows you to record what we see on the screen. This is a feature that many users appreciate, but still quite limited. First of all, it is possible to record only the application window, so we are not able to capture, for example, the desktop. In addition, the quality of the recording leaves much to be desired, the maximum resolution is 1080p. It is also worth mentioning that recording is only possible with newer hardware.

To start video recording, press [Windows] + [G]. If a window with a question appears, then press "yes". Now a bar should appear. Press the red circle on it, which will start recording.

Hope this simple article has helped you record your screen regardless of device.

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