10 applications that must be on my phone

10 applications that must be on my phone

I keep these applications on the first smartphone desktop and I always install them at the beginning.There is no support?Thank you for such a phone.

Most of the Android and iOS applications only amuse for a while...

I test a lot of applications on a daily basis, which causes a great mess on further desktops.In time, however, the most important ones go to the first screen and they stay there.Regardless of which phone I use, whether android or iOS, this ten is always with me.

I will deliberately skip social networks here, because although I look at them from boredom (Facebook) or more business (Twitter), their apps do not have to be at the beginning.It's even healthy for hygiene using the phone ;-).On the first screen I also have a bank application that it is comfortable, I don't have to convince anyone, but I won't write about it - everyone finally uses a different bank.To the point, therefore:

LastPass - order and security of our slogans

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We have some decent password storage services on the market.The most popular, of course, is Google and his safe sewn in in Chrome.But what if we don't necessarily want to have everything with Google?In my case, e.g..Referraling an unacceptable phone after tests would mean giving access to all passwords to a stranger...Well, bad scenario.Therefore, many years ago I decided to transfer my passwords somewhere else.

Lastpass came to the rescue, which I used for a year in a paid version, but later the key tools of the service became free, so the fee was no longer necessary.Lastpass does not have physical access to our passwords for a very simple reason - decryption takes place locally, on the end device, and not in the cloud of the Service Provider.We can also give the safe password each time (and finally remember only one) and take advantage of the benefits of biometrics.

The fingerprint works brilliant here, but the face ID in the iPhones simply sweeps.You look at the phone, and it fills the passwords and forms, provided that you use the device.It is also a safe place to store notes or data from the payment card and of course the instant generator of random passwords.The application can also analyze our passwords, indicating where it is worth making them safer and automatically updates password changes on pages and in applications.Yes, it is not only completing passwords in the browser, but also automatic entering them in the Netflix or any other application.

Lack of LastPass in Huawei Appgallery, unfortunately, crosses the manufacturer's last phones as the main smartphone.This is too sensitive to the app to download it "to the left" from the network.

Telegram - instead of WhatsApp and Messenger

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For a long time the number one was in my category WhatsApp messengers.I have tried to escape from the Facebook kingdom of app many times, but I failed to convince my loved ones to change.Besides, both Signal and Telegram were not so polished 2 or 3 years ago and after many attempts someone was still missing something.In 2021, however, it finally succeeded.

Telegram is a Russian messenger who offers an end-to-end encryption of private chats-even Telegram employees are unable.In fact, however, its biggest advantage is the fact that the analytical data of the services is not as carefree transferred to other websites as it is in the case of Facebook services.

The latter can work e.g..So that if we talk to someone often and our interlocutor is looking for something on the web at this time, we will display the ads of searched products.One can get the impression that Facebook services will be eavesdropping on us.There is no such surveillance according to the privacy policy, but well -fed artificial intelligence can surprise with effectiveness.

The telegram at least temporarily freed me and my loved ones from such ills.Signal is apparently even safer, but there is no additional telegram's asset.Well, the limit of the size of the transferred files on the telegram is up to 2 GB, and the space for files is unlimited.Using the application on a computer, you can safely send, for example.Large raw video for processing, without resorting to paid clouds.A film from the wedding?And please.Brilliant animated emoticons also turned out to be the icing on the cake.A few classes better than those on WhatsApp.To sum up - I got all WhatsAppa functions, a lot of additional amenities and greater safety.

Slack - for small and large projects

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10 aplikacji, które muszą być w moim telefonie

This time the application and business service, whose task is to increase team work efficiency, quick communication and simple project management.Slack is free only up to 10,000.News (then does not search for older ones) and 10 integrations with external applications, and it has places limits.Basic is enough for small projects, but in our editorial office a ceiling of 10,000.Messages are just a few months.

When the free service ceased to be enough, I tested virtually everything that is on the market to settle for a long time on a free discord.However, there were security issues in his case and as soon as the opportunity arose, we went to the paid version of Slack.

For someone new, slack may seem a bit poor and excessively simple, but this lack of distractions and fountains is intentional.The appropriate structure of threads and control of notifications allow you to work efficiently and not.

I am currently using 3 accounts - editorial, website publisher and such telepolis chillout, in which the Telepolis Forum moderators.PL we change the world ;-).Great handling of video and voice calls is another of the advantages, every day I use at work.When I do not have a microphone and a camera connected to a computer, I can easily receive such connections on the phone.

Delicious - pl food no longer needs to be called

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There will be no fashionable, hipster application here, there will be no soapy of eyes and lans.There is an app to eat - delicious to fatten me constantly: D.Maybe not every day, but from the application delicious, used to order food home, I use addiction.On the one hand, it is a desire to support local restaurants at this difficult time, on the other - just comfort.Due to the limited range of operation, Glovo or Uber Eats fall off in my restrictions (Zamość).

After numerous optimizations, the purchase process is truly express, and I can pay for the order with one click, without having to have a deducted amount when a courier reaches me with delivery.You can attach any form of non -cash payments, for me it is Apple Pay and credit card.

I could make a complaint to the complaints - not always delicious communication - the restaurant is sufficient, but knock on, in the last year I did not have to make a complaint.The loyalty program with rebate codes still has not yet been integrated with the mobile application and the codes must be copied manually, but maybe something will finally change here.Regardless of the defects, the delicious has its non -esthetic place on the desktop.

Spotify - Good everywhere, but the best at Spotify

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I pay for YouTube Premium from YouTube Music, there is Tidal HiFi for audio equipment testing, and I got the Apple One package from the momentum and Apple Music.Actually, I have already tried everything that is related to the legal streaming of music and, however, Spotify returns like a boomerang.

This is a very fast service with a convenient interface and the possibility of simple sound transmission to a long list of devices at home.However, its greatest strength is undoubtedly the best mechanism of automatic suggestions on the market.Every week I get compilations, while listening to which I start the app every now and then to add a song to my favorites.Instead of sticking to hits from years ago, in this way I can constantly develop and learn new musical sounds - without having to look for everything by hand, which of course is also possible.

The real renaissance of podcasts on the Polish market also meant that in my phone it was swarmed from application to listening to them.Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Audioteka, Empik Go, Lecton...It happened suddenly a lot of it and the fact of integration of podcasts from Spotify tightly rubbed my further desktops on my phone.At this point, let me recommend my three favorite technological podcasts: Rock and Borys, Yeswas Podcast, and recently Futura Podcast (greetings leaders ;-)).

Ia Writer - writing in peace

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The vision of creating content on mobile devices has been following me for years.There were moments when I had to authentically bought all possible text editors that were available in the Google store.When a decent Word finally appeared, it seemed that he was already "sweeping".Functions actually great, but the philosophy of the application still turned out to be a bit more office and less creative.

And then Ia Writer came, whose basic task is to look after our attention.No unnecessary formattings, icons, stripes, sliders, burning the eyes of white backgrounds.You write like a typewriter, and everything you enter, it quickly synchronizes with your favorite cloud and is also saved locally.This autosave has already saved my skin many times.

The application feels best in the Apple environment, but I also bought it for Android and Windows.Under the latter, I easily added a Polish spelling correction, so he retained his functionality.This is my basic notebook on the computer, as well as the basic tool for writing large texts, and the fact of continuing the work started on the phone and vice versa, sticks everything together.

On computers, the economy of the window size is invaluable - it is actually just a column of text that can be inserted in any size next to the source materials.The situation is similar on phones and tablets, where every millimeter of an invarted screen counts.For recording the voice of a teacher in movies?Perfect.If I had to go to college now, I would undoubtedly record everything in Ia Writer.

Dropbox - the perfect cloud does not exist, this one is the least annoyed

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I use a total of 6 clouds for files: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Degoo, Adobe and Dropboks.Each of them has its own "paranoia".And these are not automatically downloaded, shared catalogs, and this download of files causes errors, at other times the transmission speed leaves much to be desired or the cloud works well on only one platform.Dropbox is not perfect, it is also not cheap, but it is definitely the surest and the most compatible.

We have an additional hard drive on the computer on which we place files and that's it.It works similarly on phones, additionally enabling automatic archiving photos in the cloud.You can also decide what is downloaded locally, and what we keep in the cloud and thus slow down some space in a laptop or phone.

It is really difficult for me to count situations in which Dropbox made it possible to be impossible.The export of photos from Lightroom to the Dropbox directory is actually a must-have for a photographer.The basic function is to click on the file/directory and providing the link from those containing these files to others.I remember perfectly well when the internet range in Germany did not allow me to work on the article, but GPRS (seriously) allowed to send a link to Dropboks by Slack and an article written in IA Writer went to the page on time, along with a set of photos and a movie.Another time, I restored the older version of the document after overwriting, due to the function of rewinding the history of the account content - three days of work on the article did not waste.

I like Dropboka wildly and if you need about 20 GB of space, you only have to buy a one -time purchase of an account on the Allegro (free account + bonuses for commands and perpetual vouchers).In the case of larger projects, especially based on video files, the service is unfortunately very expensive.There is no threshold, e.g..100 or 200 GB, we immediately jump to 2-3 TB and a monthly or annual subscription.May the creators finally add and cheaper subscriptions.

Brave - fast and safe browser

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Since practically the entire market is based on Chromium when creating their web browsers, users can be very good, which they actually install.Brave in this way uses the plugins known from Chrome, but has several advantages that put it higher - both in mobile and desktop (I use browser on all equipment).

Initially.It may work, but not in Poland - the rates are so small that it is a waste of time for it.On the other hand, fast switching on and off ads-already built into the browser, private mode and ultra-hiper-private mode in the form of a built-in Tor is already a package that caught my attention.

On websites that I often browse and whose safety I am some ads I have enabled.However, in the case of unknown links on the web, I feel safer with Brave.Not without significance is the fact that this browser is extremely efficient and does not become sluggish after even a year of use.

InPost - a higher culture of remote shopping

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2020 was a powerful accelerator for the development of the global ecommerce market.However, transferring trade to the network would not be possible without fast, high quality and in addition cheap delivery services.In hand with Allegro Smart, thanks to which the parcel to the parcel locker is deprived of fees, InPost is the greatest winner of the past year.There were months in which I visited a parcel machine 15 and more times.

Of course, I knew the service much earlier and our editors have been happy to use it for years.However, it wasn't until the last year that the service was actually mature.A much larger mesh of parcel machines appeared, old machines have replaced new ones, controlled from the level of mobile application, there were multi -packets to collect many packages from one machine compartment or the ability to send shipments completely without label.

Along with the growing popularity of InPost did not fall to his knees, but I have the impression that he has accelerated.And I love the safe opening of the door using the application, without having to provide code or touch the terminal screen at all.We needed such a service.

9GAG - when you have enough "I know", "old", "ta, I saw"

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Memes, funny movies, funny comments of current events...Pages and applications for this is a thunder.Usually flooded with more or less aggressive advertisements.In addition, almost everything that goes to Polish pages already has a few days delay and is not as hot as it may seem to someone.

9GAG is together with Reddit the original market of funny content available on the web.9GAG also took the appearance typical of the most popular social applications.A very fast application is used to train your thumb in moving the content vertically and smiling at them :-).

In addition to the fact that we get funny content, before someone begins to copy it and ineptly convert into Polish, the creators give the opportunity to temporarily or constantly turn off advertising.Yes, with the Pro+ account, I will never waste time on unwanted content, and at the same time I am pleasant to be aware that I have added my brick to the construction of a place that improves my mood every day.However, even in the free version of the ads there are really few.

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