EU COVID Certificate - how to download to your phone?

EU COVID Certificate - how to download to your phone?

EU COVID Certificate - so-called. the covid (vaccine) passport is now available in the mObywatel application and can be downloaded to a mobile phone. How to download a covid passport?EU COVID Certificate - how to download to your phone?

EU COVID Certificate for the phone

It was supposed to be on June 25, it is today - in the mObywatel application you will find the EU COVID Certificate (UCC), which will allow you to travel freely around the European Union.

Until now, UCC could only be downloaded from the Patient's Internet Account. From today you can have it on your phone - at the same time it appeared in our mObywatel application and in the application of the Ministry of Health IKP.

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Who can download the EU COVID Certificate?

- People who have our mObywatel application - and there are already over 3 million of them - just need to update it. Those who have not yet installed mObywatel on their phones - we encourage them to do so. In addition to the EU COVID Certificate, they will find there m. mPrawo Jazdy, data from the ID card, registration card, your e-prescriptions and many other useful documents - says Minister Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State for Digitization at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. – UCC will replace the national vaccination certificate available in mObywatel so far – he adds. And these are people: • fully vaccinated – who received two doses of vaccination or received a single dose of vaccination. The certificate is valid from 14 to 365 days after the last dose or•received a negative coronavirus test result (validity of the certificate is 48 hours) or•recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate is valid from 11 to 180 days from obtaining a positive PCR test result). If you are in one of these groups - phones in hand!

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EU COVID Certificate available without internet

- The EU COVID Certificate available in our application also works offline. And this means that if we add it to the application, e.g. before going on a foreign holiday, we will not have to have access to the network to show it abroad. This is a lot of convenience and savings - says Minister Janusz Cieszyński. - In the Certificate we will find our photo from the ID card - it will facilitate control - and a large, clear QR code, thanks to which we have minimized possible difficulties in scanning the code - he adds. What is important - data containing detailed information about the owner of the Certificate - has been hidden from the view of the controlling person. In EU countries, the certificate can be used not only during border checks. Therefore, not every inspector should have access to all data. The UCC certificate from mObywatel can be verified during check-in with any application available to the border services of a given country. It is available in Polish and English. In this form it is accepted throughout the European Union.

EU COVID Certificate - how to download?

We are aware that many people are waiting for the UCC, so we will explain step by step what to do to have it in your phone - in the mObywatel application. Scenario 1 : you already have the mObywatel application installed on your phone (without a national vaccination certificate). In this case, follow our instructions: App Store - mObywatel application, version 2.3.4 (541) or newer - download. • Google Android: Google Play - mObywatel application, version 3.0.3 (18.109) or newer - download. 2. Run the updated application. on the application screen, select "Add a document" (or "Add your first document" - if you have the application, but you are using it for the first time). 4. From the list of documents, select the EU COVID Certificate. select "Next". 6. Are you using mObywatel for the first time? If so - confirm your data using a trusted profile. If you regularly use the application - go to the next step. Done! Scenario 2: you have the application and in it national vaccination certificates1. Update the mObywatel application to the latest version.•Apple iOS: App Store - mObywatel application, version 2.3.4 (541 ) or newer - download.•Google Android: Google Play - mObywatel application, version 3.0.3 (18.109) or newer - download.2.Run the updated application.3.You will receive a message about the availability of the EU COVID Certificate.4.Read the content message and agree to change the national certificate to the EU one. 5. Your application will download the necessary data. Done! Scenario 3: you do not have the mObywatel application. Depending on the phone you are using, you will find it in Google Play or AppStore. 2. Run the application. 3. On the main screen of the application, select "Add your first document". 4. From the list of documents, select the EU COVID Certificate. 5. Confirm your data using a trusted profile. If you don't have it yet - set it up. 6. Read the terms and conditions of the service and accept it, then select "Next". Done!

COVID Certificate - EU regulations

The Regulation on EU COVID Certificates will be applied in the European Union from 1 July. Until then, EU countries may or may not recognize the document. Up-to-date information on documents necessary for travel to individual EU countries can be found at https://reopen.europa.eu/pl The mObywatel application, like the EU COVID Certificate, is voluntary and free of charge. It is being prepared by the NASK - National Research Institute team.

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