HMS on Huawei phones: From zero to hero?Checking!

HMS on Huawei phones: From zero to hero?Checking!

It's time to check in practice what Huawei has come to in recent months.We'll look at HMS, or Huawei Mobile Services.This is a set of services for the ecosystem of mobile devices, which is used by, among others, the latest Huawei Nova 9.

How to enter HMS?

The gate to the world of Huawei is Huawei ID.This account opens the way to the cloud, the Appgalllery store, additional services, as well as the possibility of building an ecosystem of devices with the Harmonyos system.

Huawei used some interesting treatments here.Huawei ID can be put on any e-mail or phone number and enable two-component login for additional safety.You can use various methods, including one-time SMS codes, emails or confirming login on another device, associated with the same Huawei ID.It is also possible to associate Huawei ID with other accounts, including Facebook and Google.The combination of another device is already simple.Just read the QR code with it.

A phone connected to Huawei ID cannot be cleaned without confirmation of identity.In addition, Huawei allows you to find a lost phone after logging in to cloud.Huawei.com using Huawei ID and remote lock.In the lost phone mode it is impossible to use it, recover data or sell it.It only works on the emergency number 112.

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Backup in the cloud

Huawei cloud can also be used to save backups of data from phones and tablets.You can save virtually anything from the address book to application settings.All data can be archived automatically.All parameters of these backups are in the phone settings.We have full freedom to save data in the cloud here.

It is worth paying attention to the backup of photos.The most valuable moments, immortalized in the pictures, can also be viewed on your computer and download files from the cloud to other devices.Of course, it is also possible to collect photos in albums, marking as favorite and sharing by Huawei Share devices nearby.There was also the opportunity to share albums to others, even if they do not have Huawei ID.

In addition, a backup will include contacts, calendars, recorder records, browser passwords, SMSs, notes, Wi-Fi slogans, connection history and device settings, including configurations of HarmonoS supervisory.Applications settings installed on HMS devices will also go to the backup.Interestingly, applications installed from outside Appgallery will also be saved.Thanks to this, working with several devices is completely painless.If you move to a new phone, you can automatically download all your applications.If there was a item from outside the Huawei Appgallery store on your application list, the system will propose to download it from another source.

Of course, there is also a classic cloud disk where you can save your files from the phone, computer and tablet.For free, Huawei offers 5 GB of space, the highest subscription gives 2 TB of space.A browser is also available in a browser of various types of files, for example, you can listen to recordings from the voice recorder.

HMS na telefonach Huawei: od zera do bohatera? Sprawdzam!

Huawei Drive works on servers in Ireland and France.Therefore, our data is stored in Europe and is subject to European safety and privacy standards.

What about payments?

The availability of banking applications is the biggest problem of Huawei devices from HMS, but it is getting better.At the time of writing, 6 banks operating in Poland integrated their applications with HMS and placed them in Appgallery.Particularly noteworthy is Bank Millennium, which was the first to introduce the possibility of paying contactless on Huawei phones from HMS.

The Millenium application uses BLIK proximity payments, which should also go to the applications of other banks.This method of paying offline works and without logging in to the bank's application.Just unlock the phone equipped with NFC and bring it closer to the payment terminal.As a curiosity, I will add that on phones with HMS there are also fintech Curve contactless payments.There are still a lot of restrictions, but they will not be eternal.I think we will finally see Huawei Pay in Poland, although Huawei does not want to talk about it yet.

Appgallers tempts with promotions

APPGALLERS is not only a list of applications and download files.Huawei is trying to make it a place that is also worth visiting without an occasion.Huawei is constantly organizing promotions there, gives gifts for installation of applications and games.In addition, it tells you what applications can be useful to you and what are popular in the area.

A huge success that was enrolled in the history of Appgallery was the promotion at Tinder Plus.Until the end of 2021, you can use the TOK for a month.FM Premium for free and listen to great programs on demand.In addition, you can win welcome packages in many free-to-play games, return for paying the Curve application, longer trial period WPS office and the like.There is no problem connecting a payment card to Huawei ID and pay in this way, as long as the app is supported.The Huawei ecosystem also allows you to pay together with the operator's account (Plus, Play, T-Mobile), the PayPal application, and in some applications also PayU.There are still Huawei points in the Huawei ecosystem, which can be obtained using the Appgalllery and then spend on the differences.

It is getting better with the availability of apps in Appgallery.Already a lot of stars of the Polish Android scene have been moved to HMS: Allegro, AutoMapa, Yanosik, Vinted, GG, Żappka, etc..I think there are people who are completely enough, but I don't belong to them.What about thousands of applications that are not in the Appgallers?The case looks very interesting, because you can still find them in Appgalllery via the Petal search engine, but with the possibility of downloading from another source.Sometimes this is the manufacturer's website (like Facebook and WhatsApp), more often APKPure.Interestingly, the Huawei system will take care of the application updates, even if they are not in the Appgallery.

You probably already know that Huawei devices are available for children with a simplified interface and access to applications designed especially for them.Appgalllers can also be adapted to the age of the user.In the settings you can set the age limitations of the application.

There is also a wish list - thanks to it you can submit a demand for the application in the Appgallery.Maybe someday it will appear.

Petal maps are not bad

It is impossible to talk about HMS without mentioning the petal.This is a brand under which there are several Huawei services, including the above -mentioned app..In Appgalllery we will also find a post office and Petal maps.It is worth bending over them for longer.Building an application with maps is a titanic task, but Huawei did it quite well.There are local hints where to eat, what is worth visiting, where is the nearest pharmacy or information about Covid-19.The map, at least in my area, looks very good, there are even paths in the parks.

Determining the route and navigation also work in addition to public transport.A great detail is to give the number of intersections with traffic lights and MOPs of highways on car routes.There is still a bit of ideal, but it is a matter of collecting local data than the application itself - a database of companies and road traffic data.The question is whether this will change.Maps of this type are nothing without users, and there are 2.4 million in Poland - at least so many active Huawei ID was in the middle of the year.

HMS goes forward

Huawei Mobile Services is developing before our eyes.The first websites for application creators were made available at the end of 2019, and in May 2020 the first Polish banking application was found in Appgallery.Full integration was completed in August 2020.At the end of 2020, there were already over a thousand local applications in the Appgallery, of which over 300 were integrated with HMS.

Everything seems to indicate that the Appgallery will close 2021 with almost a million available applications.The Huawei store can boast of 7 Polish banking applications on board, 1.7 thousand Polish applications in general and two local applications for Huawei Watch 3 with Harmonyos.

The material was created in cooperation with Huawei.

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