Holiday photos by phone?A good smartphone is the beginning - also take care of editing and securing them!

Holiday photos by phone?A good smartphone is the beginning - also take care of editing and securing them!

Here are smartphones with which you will take fantastic photos!

It is said that this is not equipment, but the photographer takes photos.And although I agree with it myself, it is difficult to say that each smartphone will get exactly the same photographs.It is both a matter of resolution, brightness, lens selection options and support of the system itself.And although in the case of smartphones the standard choice are automatic photos of taking photos, more and more models also allow you to save RAW files (offering many more editing options) or control elements such as exhibition or aperture.

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Although each smartphone offers the opportunity to take pictures, when you compare them with you, you will quickly discover that the smartphone is uneven to the smartphone.And although the iPhones have been enjoying unflagging popularity in the category of excellent photo tools for years, the iPhone 12 Pro Max shows how iOS photos can look like.This is the first smartphone model from Apple, which offers a native option to save files in Apple Proraw - from all rear cameras (i.e. the main 12 MP 1.7µ, ultrazerocating 12 MP, telephoto lens of 12 MP) and front (12MP).

But the iPhone has been playing in its own category for a long time - and the competition is not sleeping.Top android smartphones have already chased Apple a few years ago in the category in which it has been second to none yet.Yes, matters are m.in.with Huawei or Xiaomi devices, which in the highest models (e.g..Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Pro+ or Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra) prove that they can afford even more.But if you think it's the only models, it's nothing of these things - looking for a smartphone with an Android that will allow you to take flawless photos, it is worth giving a chance to the flagship Samsungom (Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20) or OPPO.

Wakacyjne zdjęcia telefonem? Dobry smartfon to początek - zadbaj także o edycję i ich zabezpieczenie!

Flagships always try to overtake the competition and push the industry further - but this does not mean that they are the only smartphones with good cameras.The average price shelf is also doing very well - this can be seen on the example of such models as Google Pixel 4A, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, OnePlus Nord, Realme 8 Pro or Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro.

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To go without surprises - take care of proper securing your photos

Forewarned is forearmed.It is not without reason that people are divided into those who make backups now, as well as those who will make them when they lose their data for the first time.From my own experience, however, I will say that it is better to protect yourself early enough.What to do so as not to lose important photographs and holiday films for us...and not only?There are at least two answers.Fortunately, both are extremely simple and affordable.

The first of them, definitely the most convenient, is a backup in the cloud.There are many services that offer storage of our materials - although it is worth keeping in mind that some of them are available only at the start, in a limited place.After all, an easy sending of photos from our library to Google servers (on Google's disk or directly to the Google photo service), Apple (to iCloud or synchronization with the local photo library) or Microsoft (One Drive) is undoubtedly one of the security we should take care ofevery day.

It is also worth thinking about additional physical media, on which we will take copies of photos on an ongoing basis.We can not always count on a high -quality network connection on vacation, as when we are at home.Then adapters for SD cards or portable hard drives connected directly to smartphones are an ideal solution.In case of lost or damage to the smartphone, we always have at least an additional copy of commemorative materials.

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On July 19-26 on the Facebook profile you can send competition photographs showing how you spend your holidays.It's about fun and a creative approach.Happy winners can count on prizes in the form of modern smartphones from top companies - M.in.Samsung, Xiaomi or Realme, which is becoming more and more popular.Hurry up, time flows quickly, and the end of accepting applications this Monday!

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