How to clean the memory of an Android phone?Tips and useful applications

How to clean the memory of an Android phone?Tips and useful applications

How to clean the memory of an Android phone?

The good news is that you probably don't need to install any additional application, because many contemporary smartphones already have built -in cleaning tools.In some cases, the system cleaning functions are quite advanced and comprehensive.

Cleaning memory in Xiaomi MIUI

A good example is a cleaner application for cleaning memory in popular Xiaomi smartphones with a MIUI interface, such as Xiaomi Mi 9T.

First of all, we have the option of quick scanning and memory cleaning, which will remove all basic rubbish.

In addition, there is also the function of thorough cleaning of applications data and files that take up a lot of space in the memory of the smartphone.

If necessary, you can even completely uninstall applications that we don't use.I know from experience that we often install some programs to check how they work, and then we forget to remove them.Application cleaner and related function thorough cleaning allows you to quickly identify old and unused applications.

The control panel is a comprehensive cleaning, scanning and management center.In it, we will not only launch a cleaner, but also check if there is a virus or other malware on the phone.So we will take care of the security and speed of the phone.

Cleaning memory in Android without an overlay

Even on a phone with pure Android, without the so -called graphics overlay, we will find the basic cleaning function.

Just go into the settings and then in the internal memory position and here touch the release button.Here we have the option of quick cleaning or choosing other files that we want to delete.The function uses the default file browser (in pure Android it is most often files by Google).

Is it worth cleaning the RAM?

A quick answer is: usually not.RAM is the fastest smartphone memory, so we should use it as often as possible.Applications launched from RAM will open faster than from mass storage, especially if we use a cheap smartphone equipped with an EMMC module instead of UFS.

How to clean the memory of an Android phone? Porady i przydatne aplikacje

In addition, the Android system can manage RAM itself and remove older programs from it to make room for those we have just launched.

In other words - you don't have to clean the RAM to speed up your phone.This usually has the opposite effect.Even if the smartphone has little RAM (e.g..2 or 3 GB), then Android will simply automatically empty the frame when there is no place.

When replacing the phone with a new one, it is worth paying attention to it to have at least 4 GB of RAM, and in the case of more expensive smartphones up to 6 GB of RAM.

Applications for cleaning the phone's memory - Android

If for some reason you are not enough system cleaning function or you just don't want to use it, then we recommend the following applications for cleaning the smartphone memory.

Files by Google

This is a simple free application most often found on smartphones with pure android.Nothing prevents you from installing it on any other phone from Android 5 to the latest Android 10.

It works in Polish and has the currently fashionable dark graphic theme for AMOLED displays.Yes, the number of options is very small, but for some people it will be an advantage, because thanks to this files by Google is very easy to use and user -friendly.

You can quickly clean the memory, delete duplicates or large files, and also browse the content of the phone's memory.

The next two applications are also popular and can offer much more advanced options, but it should be noted that they can also display ads or contain paid options.

Clean Master

Clean Master, enjoying many positive opinions, is described in the Goole Play store as "free antivirus".Probably because more people install it in terms of safety, not cleaning.However, in practice it is a pretty powerful tool that is able to effectively optimize the system, clean the phone, and even reduce the energy consumption of battery by hibernation of processes that we do not use.

Has the function of accelerating the phone, deleting unnecessary programs, cleaning the data of applications, anti -virus scanning, advanced cleaning of selected files and rapid removal of basic rubbish.

It is free and in terms of effectiveness and accuracy of cleaning the phone's memory is one of the best applications, but...displays ads and often suggests buying a paid version.Clean Master VIP has automatic cleaning, automatic anti -virus scan and VPN network.


A well -known and quite well -rated Android cleaning program, which is very good at deleting unnecessary cache and deeper scanning in search of unusual / hidden files.

It is free, but in the free version it displays ads and elements that are to persuade us to buy a paid version (be advertising and extended to the cleaning schedule).

Ccleaner has the option of hibernation of processes and uninstalling applications.

How to manually clean the application data without using additional programs?

On the smartphone, we enter the settings and then the applications (this option may be called differently, e.g..Applications and notifications or application management).

Here we find an application which we want to clean and touch it.If you can't see the program, look for all applications.

Now we are opening the Memory (or internal memory) option and touch the "Clear the cache" option or "clear the place for data" if we want to clean the files and restore application settings.Sometimes this option is simply called "Clear Data".

In this way, you can manually clean the data of the selected application, without the need for cleaning programs.

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