How to connect a device with Android to the TV?

How to connect a device with Android to the TV?
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  • Do you want to display photos, video materials or other content saved on an Android smartphone on the TV?Here's how to do it.

    Spis treści Wireless connection of the Android device to the TVWired android device connection to the TV

    The connection of the Android device can be done using MHL/Slimport (via microUSB) or microhdmi cable.Nothing prevents you from doing it wirelessly, using Miracast or Chromecast.In this text, we show all the possibilities of sharing content from the phone and tablet on the TV screen.

    Tablets and phones are perfect for individual use - they are light and the batteries allow you to work for a long time.In most currently used models, we also have excellent image quality, thanks to which we are pleased to watch video clips or photos.But if you want to show them more people, it's good to do it with a TV.The large screen is a large screen and even the best smartphone cannot match it.Android allows wired and wireless connection.We present how to use both these possibilities.

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    Wireless connection of the Android device to the TV

    Miracast is a wireless standard that allows you to create an ad hoc network between two devices, e.g..Tablet and TV.The number of TVs supporting this solution increases all the time, and because Miracast uses H.264 for video transmission, this provides excellent quality compression of the transmitted data.It also has support for Digital Rights Management (DRM), which means that services such as iPlayer and YouTube can be streamned for TV.Miracast is supported by all Android devices from version 4.2.

    An alternative - and more user -friendly - is created by Google Chromecast.Costs ok.PLN 200.It is connected to the HDMI port on the TV, which allows you to create a wireless network between it and the device.It can also be used to display the Android screen, which, for example, allows you to play on a large screen when controlling on a tablet.Of course, you can easily look at the photos, run applications and you can browse the Internet - everything that is displayed on the device will also appear on the TV screen!Another advantage is the fact that Chromecast Ultra stream easily in 4K content.

    Jak podłączyć urządzenie z systemem Android do telewizora?

    Currently, almost all devices support Chromecast - this standard has become popular with the Android 5 Lollipop system, i.e. a few good years ago.

    Wired android device connection to the TV

    HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the commonly common interface standard today.If you have a TV bought up to 10 years back - certainly the right ports - and even ports - are on your TV.They also have them game consoles, video cameras and set-top sets.The benefit of HDMI is the ability to simultaneously send image and sound, which allows you to comfortably watch movies and video clips on the big screen.HDMI is three sizes.Ordinary HDMI (or "type A" on the left).It is intended for full -size ports, where space is not a problem: television, laptops, gaming consoles.The port that you will find in tablets and telephones is "Type C" (also known as mini HDMI, in the middle) or "type D" (micro hdmi, on the right).Type D is the smallest of all.

    No matter what kind of port your tablet has, the cost of the HDMI-Mini HDMI or HDMI-micro HDMI cable is up to several dozen zlotys.If you do not have HDMI ports in the tablet, you need to use a USB - mini (or micro) HDMI cable.

    MHL and Slimport

    HDMI is easy to understand - he plays only one role.However, MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) and SlimPort younger than him look identical, they also use the microUSB port to send audio and video materials.Like HDMI, both have support for eight sound channels.They require a special adapter that will convert the signal from the phone to the format compatible with HDMI.The cost is several dozen zlotys, but it can be higher and exceed even 100.MHL has three versions, the most expensive ones have full support for 4K.

    The advantage of MHL is support for various TV manufacturers.Look at your back and see if the MHL logo is located above the HDMI port.If so - you can use the HDMI - microUSB cable to connect.In addition, with this connection, the tablet or phone will be powered by the TV.If you don't see the MHL logo or you have slimport, you'll need an adapter.

    Before you decide to buy MHL or Slimport, check in the specification of your TV, which the version supports!


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