How to fix the phone that does not turn on?

By Chrisfugiel

Wspólną cechą wszystkich smartfonów jest to, że czasami coś się z nich psuje. W dodatku awaria ma miejsce dokładnie w momencie, gdy pilnie potrzebujesz skorzystać z urządzenia. No dobrze, trochę przesadzam. Jednak faktem pozostaje to, że telefon czasami po prostu wyłącza się i już nie włącza. Co wówczas zrobić? Od razu iść z nim do serwisu? Zaczekaj. Zrób najpierw kilka innych rzeczy. Być może zaoszczędzisz sporo czasu, nerwów i pieniędzy. Poznaj sposoby na uruchomienie smartfonu w sytuacji kryzysu.Jak naprawić telefon, który się nie włącza?

What are these ways to run a smartphone?

The unwritten rule is: if the diode shines or blinks, it's good.The facts, however, are: there are no rules.Sometimes the smartphone turns off, although there was a lot of energy, and you didn't turn it off.Sometimes you just don't want to turn on.See what you can do yourself before you decide that it's time to repair or buy a new model.

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First of all, Android sometimes cheats.He happens to show untruth regarding the level of battery charge.Why?I don't know, but it happens.So it may sometimes happen so that the phone will discharge and turn off, although you just saw that the battery was charged 60 percent.Before you panic, just connect it to charging.

The phone does not want to turn on.

What's next?Secondly, the cable sometimes cheats.Sometimes sometimes it happens that the phone turns off, you reach for the cable, and here nothing is loading.The smartphone fell?That's possible.But at least 10 times more likely it is that you need to replace the cable from the charger.The fact is that only one phone call has ever broken in my life, only one charger, but from 10 wires.So change the wire and - for the sake of peace - a charger.You don't have a charger?Remember that you will also charge the device through your computer.And leave them for 10 minutes alone - let it recharge.

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Third, sometimes the technique has a fool.Okay, I don't know what it is called and why this is happening.But it happened very often that I press the power button, the smartphone was certainly charged, and yet it did not react.What helped?Holding the power button for over 10 seconds.I suppose it is a default rescue mechanism, although I have no idea why you need to reach for it.However, it is good that something like this is and it is also good to know about it.Anticipating the question: I did not notice that pressing the power button and at the same time one or both volume buttons gave better results.Simply, the smartphone will start in other than the default mode (e.g. in Recovery or Bootloader modes).

Still, the phone does not turn on.

Still nothing?It happens.Sometimes the technique has a fool with a bang - and it is fourth.I learned this recently, the situation was already very stressful, all signs indicated that my favorite (and only) smartphone gave up the ghost.But here are strangers - and from that moment foreign best friends - advised me to hold the Power button for 2 minutes.Yes, 120 seconds.Of course, I put my hand comfortably, provided her with the support of the second hand, and in my head I prepared for 130 or 140 seconds.And it worked.Twice this way the machine started and everything was fine.I don't know what a system is.But you will admit that it is worth knowing that it is also possible.

Fifth and last, the technique has whims.Before I describe the way, I have to provide you: he works.Once only in this way, it was possible to "start Smart".Each subsequent one is stranger?This one is bizarre.I didn't give him any chance, but now that I know it works - I just have to remember him.Prepare a convenient position because you will keep the power button for 2 minutes.It's a long time, a finger is suffering.But it is not everything.Set a very strong light source, something like a strong flashlight (I used a flashlight, I decided that the chandelier, sunlight or laser would not be suitable), towards the sensor responsible for turning off the display when you apply it to your ear during the conversation.I think it's always somewhere near the upper speaker.So you keep the power for 2 minutes and you shine with a strong light in this sensor.

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After the fact, I make some answer like: you need to stimulate additional sensors in your smartphone.But why?What is this rescue system?I do not have a clue.The most important thing is that it works.Because getting a phone to repair would be one of the biggest stress for me.

Let's summarize: if the smartphone turned off, although it should not or turn on (and should): take a new charger, a new cable and connect the charging device in a new socket (of course you can simply take another cable and charger and other socketthan your favorites).Leave it for at least 10 minutes (and if you stand it for longer) and turn it on by holding the Power button.As a last resort for 2 minutes.Usually 10 seconds are enough.

This is the end of my home methods.They certainly used more than a dozen times (because I regularly kill Android on various phones).It is very difficult to "destroy" the device so that it is only suitable for utilization - almost always rescue is possible.From time to time, it also happens to "beat" the system.However, as long as the device works, it can be started and restricted factory settings or install a new system.The most important thing is that the equipment is still working.