How to use Google account and services on Huawei smartphones?

How to use Google account and services on Huawei smartphones?

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You bought a new device from Huawei and you don't know how to use Google's account and services?You probably already know that the United States cannot reach an agreement with China, which resulted in a blockage aimed at this manufacturer.However, this does not mean that you have to accept the lack of access to existing solutions.There are many methods for installing Google services, but they are not eternal and not everyone is ready for potential risk.After all, this still does not mean that it is time to delete a Google account, and even more so change your device.

Google account and services on Huawei smartphones are not blocked

Let's set some facts - the US government ordered native companies to stop working with Huawei.Some corporations, such as Microsoft, have received permission by way of exception.However, Google still cannot certify smartphones and tablets of the manufacturer.Only the Mountain View giant does not prohibit users to use their accounts.I just have to follow a different path and I would like to show you in this post.Naturally, I will not discuss what to do if you can't find an application in the Appgallery or where to download games and programs, because you can learn from separate articles.Today I will focus on the Google account and the most important services related to it.

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Let's start with photos, contacts and notes - from Google to Huawei's cloud

First of all, it is worth starting by moving as many data from the previous device as possible, if you still have access to it.The Phone Clone application is used for contacts, photos, music and selected games and programs directly to the Huawei smartphone or tablet.This is done in just a few simple steps.If we do it, nothing prevents any backup copies to Huawei.This is the basic part of Huawei Mobile Services, i.e. services, which also include the Huawei Browser and Huawei Assistant web browser.

Since we already have all contacts, photos, notes on our new device, let's make sure that now the whole will go to Huawei's cloud.To do this, enter the Android settings and at the very top you should see your ID Huawei or a request to log in.The concept of a cloud service will appear inside, in which you will configure your backup.You have access to it from anywhere on the earth, unless you are blocked by the lack of internet naturally.Cloud.Huawei.Com allows not only to browse albums, but also to edit contacts or notes.

Gmail on Huawei - is a mailbox, so any customer is enough, preferably one with a calendar

I mentioned earlier about Google photos that can be moved to the Huawei cloud.If you are not satisfied with such a solution after all, the next one is the web browser.For many Google services, this is an important platform as Android itself.After all, we can also use Google photos on computers, so ... why not do it on a smartphone or tablet?

  • Wystarczy w ustawieniach Huawei Browser wymusić identyfikację jako komputer: „trzy kropki” -> Ustawienia -> Ustawienia przeglądania -> UA przeglądarki -> Komputer.We can define a similar rule for a specific site.Again, we open the tank hidden under "three dots", but this time we go to the site setting, where as part of the Personalization section it is enough to move the switch always demand the version for computers.

    The situation is identical to YouTube, whose service by Huawei Browser only in small details differs from a dedicated application.This detail is, for example, the ability to stretch the image.However, this time we can say the site that we use an Android device.You don't have to switch anything additionally.

    Google maps are another example that if you want, you can.However, due to the fact that we want to be reliable, it is here that such a problem arises that we will not see navigation.You have to deal with other applications - in Appgallery we will find, among others, Yanosika or Maps.me.

    The last thing I wanted to discuss was using a Google account in external applications.Registration for subsequent websites is tedious, so we often use the option Log in via Facebook or log in via Google.If you focus on the latter solution, then there is still a certain bypass.Well, such registration takes place indirectly by adding an e-mail address to the base, which in fact serves as a login.On the example of the Multikina application, I was able to log in to my account through the e-mail option.If you fail, then the next step is to recover the password - then we also naturally provide mail from the Google account and continue to follow the instructions received.

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    Naturally, I am still aware that the above solutions impose some compromises and require getting used to certain patterns again.However, there are possibilities that contradict the unverified opinion that the Google account and services could not be used on Huawei devices at all.As you could find out, it is a kind of fake news that you can fight with.Android has its own strength, so as a last resort you can even use substitutes - in this case the free More Apps program with Appgalllery has a chance to be perfect.Naturally, one cannot forget that one day the United States will give up further blocking of China and Google will be able to work with Huawei again.

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