Huawei Nova 9 in Marseille - we check a set of cameras

Huawei Nova 9 in Marseille - we check a set of cameras

Huawei jest postrzegany jako jeden z liderów segmentu smartfonów z najmocniejszymi aparatami fotograficznymi. Teraz w oczekiwaniu na flagowce tego producenta miałem okazję sprawdzić jego mocną średnią półkę, czyli najnowszego Huawei nova 9. Zabrałem go na wycieczkę do listopadowej Marsylii, w której pogoda w tym czasie przypomina bardzo sierpniowe wakacje nad naszym chłodnym Bałtykiem.Huawei nova 9 w Marsylii - sprawdzamy zestaw aparatów

A smartphone that will work during a long weekend or shorter holidays is not only a good camera.He should also have several other advantages that I tested in France by the way.Such a phone should have a good battery, an excellent screen, navigation, access to our bank account and preferably as if it did not cost a million coins.Did Huawei Nova 9 work well during the November long weekend?

Good photos - also when it's already dark

In Nowy Huawei, according to applicable market trends, we have 4 cameras at the back of the housing.One of them has an additional function when we take photos in portrait mode.While admiring the French port, we were useful mainly by two cameras with larger matrices:

We switch between the cameras comfortably using the menu already visible on the framing preview.In the same place we can also include digital magnification (so -called.zoom) 2x or 10x.Using the 10x option does not make much sense anymore, but 2x is very useful when we want to have only an interesting fragment of the image that we see.

Our photos are digitally stabilized, so there are no problems with taking photos in the morning or already in the evening, when the lights are less.

To make our photos look even better, it is worth including the mesh view in the camera menu (this will facilitate the composition of the frame) and the useful virtual level of.It will be a great help especially for less experienced photographers.For adequate brightness, saturation, etc..Huawei's artificial intelligence corresponds to our smartphone, which ensures that our photos often look slightly better than the real views of J

When it falls dark, the wings in Huawei Nova 9 spreads the night mode.The quality of photos at night is simply amazing, especially when we compare it with photos from a few years ago even from very expensive cameras.Now we can take such beautifully lit, sharp photos almost casually - then it required a lot of attention, time and carrying a heavy tripod or helping to put the camera on walls or roofs of cars.Now great night photos Nova 9 takes out of hand, even when the lights around are really few.

Here are some examples of photos taken in Marseille:

Video perfectly stable

Huawei Nova 9 is also a smartphone that guarantees us to bring successful videos from travel.We have at our disposal the recording in 4K or full HD quality.In both these modes we use excellent digital stabilization.It is she who ensures that when we watch such a holiday clip on the big screen, it is watched pleasantly and it has quality similar to professional, television materials.During the recording, we can also switch between lenses or smoothly to make up smaller elements in the frame.

Here is an example of a video recording from Huawei Nova 9:

Huawei Cloud has good prices

The cloud on vacation, contrary to appearances, can save our skin.Marseille by information from the Internet is not one of the safest cities.Thefts, seizures are supposedly there more often than in other cities in Europe.So let's have our data, especially photos and videos, immediately after connecting to WiFi sent to the cloud.Huawei Nova 9 uses professional Huawei clouds.We get 5GB in it for free, but for PLN 38.30 we can buy a 50 GB disk for the whole year.The most advanced users can buy even a virtual area of 2TB!

Fast charging battery

When visiting the city, we only have access to the socket for several dozen minutes during dinner or on coffee.That is why our weekend -holiday smartphone should have a battery that can easily withstand the whole day without a charger and even when the smartphone is heavily exploited by navigation and photos.The Huawei Nova 9 battery has a capacity of 4300 mAh and is completely enough for all -day sightseeing.People who, however, love to top up their smartphone in the cafe will also be delighted, because Nova supports Huawei SuperCharge technology with up to 66W.Huawei Superchage charger is required for such charging, but fortunately it is included - and this is not a market standard recently among flagships.


A good smartphone must now have a whole "ecosystem" of features that will make us deal with a convenient device.Huawei Nova 9 has a very good OLED 120 Hz display, it is shapely (weighs only 175g), has access to navigation, banking services, we can reserve our hotel, and in addition it does not cost as much as the flagships of competitions that can now be more expensive 2and even 3 times.Huawei Nova 9 with your set of cameras, fast charging and a cheap cloud is a successful smartphone -it is worth considering buying it, because the star is getting closer.

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