Huawei supplies inverters for photovoltaic installations in Poland

Huawei supplies inverters for photovoltaic installations in Poland

October 16, 2021, 12:00 PM AlertHuawei. photo. Flickr

- Huawei supplies inverters for photovoltaic installations for farms built in Poland with a capacity of several dozen MW - says Ryszard Hordyński, director of strategy and communication of Huawei Polska.

Director of Strategy and Communication Ryszard Hordyński during the International Conference and PIKE Exhibition said that Huawei offers a full range of inverters for photovoltaic installations, both for private homes and installations, e.g. in shopping centers - At the moment, the largest farm in Poland built with the use of our inverters has 70 MW of power, while others are already being built, which will have several hundred each - he emphasized.

Last year, Huawei created a Digital Power division, under which it provides services and elements that aim to improve the climate and support environmental protection, such as management and charging elements for electric and semi-autonomous cars, according to ISBnews.

Huawei supplies inverters for solar installations in Poland

- We have products that make data centers simpler to build and made of elements that consume less energy, such as a server cooling system - says the director of Huawei Polska.

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