Huawei VR Glass 6DOF officially debut

Huawei VR Glass 6DOF officially debut

Huawei officially presented his goggles Huawei VR Glass 6dof.This is an offer for everyone who wants to play in virtual reality.

Huawei organized a large press conference at which he presented a new watch, a hybrid laptop or a silver version of his all-in-one computer.However, this is not the end of the new Chinese manufacturer.Huawei also presented a completely new game set in virtual reality. To Huawei VR Glass 6DoF.The goggles have a double LCD display with a diagonal of 2.1 inches.Users will also receive two controllers to the set.

Huawei VR Glass 6DOF can also be connected to the phone, just USB type C.The goggles themselves have only 188 grams and offer a 90 -degree field of view.The set is also adapted for use by people with myopia to -7.00.All this will go on sale in China on November 26.There will have to pay 3999 yuan.It's about PLN 2578.Customers who want to buy only the goggles of the set will pay 1999 yuan.It's about PLN 1290.It is not yet known when the new product will appear in other markets.

Huawei VR Glass 6DoF oficjalnie debiutują

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