I restored the factory settings on the smartphone after almost two years.Was it worth it?

I restored the factory settings on the smartphone after almost two years.Was it worth it?

Factory reset on a smartphone is like format C on Windows computers - a cure-all. It is true that this is just an ordinary meme, but it's hard not to agree that actually doing this activity gives a lot. I decided to do it too. What were the effects?Factory reset my smartphone after almost two years. Was it worth it?

I've been using my Huawei P9 without cleaning for 1.5 years. A lot of files, games and other activities have gone through it. I tried to clean the phone in the phone manager on a regular basis, but it did not help much. So was it worth it?




The article was based on my own experience.Thanks to Marcin for lending his smartphone for the period of restoring factory settings!




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No, kidding is over.

While the answer above should actually encourage you to do this, there are a few things you need to clarify.

In general, I have not complained about the speed of my PeNine. All applications launched quickly, at a truly flagship level. Even in direct comparison with the Huawei P10, the P9 did not lose. So what was wrong? I had two problems - the battery and the camera.

Let's start with the battery...

...because the battery in the Huawei P9 is a river. Most of the reviews of this model were made when it was running on Android Marshmallow. In addition, all these copies were abused by the user for a maximum of 3 weeks, and not, as in my case, a year and a half. In addition, this smartphone has undergone many updates, including the largest one, i.e. to Android Nougat. All this had a negative impact on the condition of the link.

On a typical, not very light day for the device, the smartphone could not last from morning (i.e. 6:00) to evening (i.e. 11:00 p.m.) on a single charge. Already around 5 pm I usually had about 20% of the battery, so I had to recharge it a bit. The poor results could be seen by looking at the phone statistics. SoT most often did not exceed two hours and forty minutes. This is a tragic result.

Battery drain was also noticeable when the smartphone was left unused for several hours. Even with the Internet access turned off (I mean both Wi-Fi and data transmission) I was able to escape a dozen or so percent overnight.

And the camera

The camera in the Huawei P9 is one of the best elements of this product - the photos it can take are amazing even today (I recommend following the hashtag #HuaweiP9 on Instagram). But what if the camera app takes forever to launch? Yes, from the moment the icon was touched, it usually took several dozen seconds for the camera to be ready. Because of this, I often couldn't take a picture quickly. It also made me want to take photos.

Interestingly, the camera app wasn't RAM friendly either. Running this program caused all background applications to close, even if it was music from Spotify. This negatively affected the comfort of using the smartphone.

So the format

After I configured the PeTen, it was time to clean up the predecessor. I made a backup of text messages, phone calls, necessary documents and the Nova Launcher layout, and then I went to work. After the whole process, including restoring my backup and logging into all my accounts, I felt the difference right away.

The camera application finally starts normally and almost immediately after touching the icon of this program I am able to take photos. I also haven't noticed that this app negatively affects the operation of other programs in the background.

The battery also performs much better. First, there is little drainage at rest - exactly as it should be. However, when I actively used the device, I noticed that the percentages fell much slower. This is great news for me.

Did I notice something else? Apps, as before, launch quickly. Maybe they are slightly better restored from the background now, but it's not a huge difference.

Bonus: memory card

I also use a Kingston brand memory card with a capacity of 16 GB. I noticed that after such a long time (and it's more than a year) a lot of space has been taken up by files. I decided to get rid of unnecessary things. After doing this, I still had very little free space. So I decided to make a backup of the necessary files and format the memory card from the computer. After re-uploading the files to this medium, I experienced a slight shock, because there was a lot of free space for data. I don't know how it's possible, but I suspect that some Android files took up so many gigabytes.

Quick Summary

So, do I recommend a factory reset? Yes. Of course, I don't mean doing it every week or every month, but once in a slightly longer period of time, for example a year, it is even advisable.

Do you have any similar experiences? Let me know in the comments! And I hope you're not mad about that little mistake at the beginning :)

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The article was based on my own experience. Thanks to Marcin for lending his smartphone for the period of restoring factory settings!

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