I forgot my laptop password - what to do?

I forgot my laptop password - what to do?

After choosing the option, reset them by using Apple ID, the computer will ask you to log in to Apple ID and then allow you to reset the password.

Restart option and show the password zero options will restart the computer and start the password reset assistant, where it will be changed after a few steps.

In both cases, files saved on the disk are not threatened.

What to do not to forget the password and not risk losing files to the disk?

The safest solution that will cause a forgotten password to your computer will never be your problem again is to save it in special programs for storing passwords and other confidential data.These allow access from anywhere in the world and ensure security by encrypting data.

Zapomniałem hasła do laptopa - co robić?

For obvious reasons, we advise against saving passwords on cards and notebooks.These may get lost and - worse - hit the wrong hands.

It may also be a good way to use security questions and hints.If your slogan is not a string of random characters, but specific words - maybe it is worth thinking about a hint that you will associate with them quickly, and others will have a problem with it.

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