New series of smartwatches huawei

New series of smartwatches huawei

A breakthrough battery life, intelligent solutions and noble style.All this combines a new series of smartwatches Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro.Equipped with new functions - including ESIM Huawei Smart Voice Talks - are now available in a unique pre -sales offer!

Noble in every inch

Smartwatches have long ceased to be an extravagant gadget elected only by technological fans of news.Today, most of us can't imagine our lives without them.Some of them were stopped by a typical technical appearance.But the latest series of smartwatches Huawei Watch 3 combines sophisticated design with intelligent solutions.

Watch 3 watches are available in two versions - Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 3 Pro - and appear in several models.Huawei Watch 3 Active on a fluorolastomer bar is the perfect choice for those who spend time actively and value simplicity and comfort.In the Classic option - perfect for fans of classic elegance - there is both Watch 3 and 3 Pro.The model on a leather strap will work great in business or evening stylizations.

A real treat for design fans is the Elite version of the Watch 3 Pro model.Set on a titanium bracelet looks solid and noble at the same time.

For all models of new Huawei smartwatches, at first glance, the elegant steel finish with the curved AMOLED 1.43 "screen draws attention.The titanium envelope and sapphire glass in the Huawei Watch 3 Pro model delight at any time of the day or night, and the elaborate mechanical lace in both models refers to the style of classic timers.

Nowa seria smartwatchy Huawei

Importantly, smartwatches from the Watch 3 series are covered with high quality glass and have curved edges.Thanks to the use of protective nanoplach, the display is resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

The bottom of the envelope in Huawei Watch 3 Pro is made of skin -friendly, ceramic material.Thanks to this, its surface is nice to the touch and smooth, which helps in constant and thorough monitoring of the pulse.Air -class titanium disc combined with sapphire crystals guarantees the highest quality and durability.The rotary lace enables convenient and precise enlargement and reduction of images as well as control of menu options.

Always in contact

Noble design is not everything.Noteworthy is what the new Huawei smartwatches from the Watch 3 series have inside.First of all, they support ESIM, thanks to which - practicing sport or doing quick shopping - we no longer have to take a smartphone with us to stay in touch.Thanks to the ESIM service, you can use the same phone number in your smartphone and smartwatch.

The new Huawei smartwatches also ensure safety regardless of where we are.In emergency - thanks to the SOS mode - you can connect by phone with local emergency services.Smartwatches Huawei Watch 3 and 3 Pro are also invaluable travel support.Allow you to track information about taxi or check the status of a flight without having to remove the smartphone.Just look at the watch shield!

For those who are tired of the need for frequent charging of the smartwatch, Huawei has great news: the Watch 3 Pro battery works up to three weeks on one charge in ultra mode, seven days in LTE mode and five days in smart mode (when using the ESIM function).

The Watch 3 model in Ultra mode can work up to two weeks on a single charge, while when using ESIM - up to three days.In both models, only 10 minutes of wireless charging allows the battery top up to 20 percent.and 15 hours of work in LTE mode.

Everything under control

It is widely known that the smartwatch is the perfect companion of all who care about health and like to spend time actively.They will certainly appreciate the fact that smartwatches from the Watch 3 series support as many as a hundred sports modes, including 19 professional disciplines, 12 types of outdoor activities and seven indoor training.Devices precisely record the most important data: the duration of training, calories burned, heart rate, exercise progress and regeneration time.

Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro smartwatches are also equipped with a precise sensor that senses the skin temperature on the wrist.The devices also support improved Truseen ™ 4 technology.5 with 24 -hour monitoring of pulse and oxygenation of SPO2 blood.They also measure the level of stress and sleep quality.Both Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 3 PRO operate based on the Harmony operating system.

Huawei Watch 3 and 3 Pro smartwatches can now be bought in attractive sets with huawei wireless headphones.Freebuds 3i headphones are offered with Huawei Watch 3, and Huawei Watch 3 Pro can be bought with Huawei FreeBuds Pro headphones.

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