President of Nazekanie: The most interesting gifts for gadgets [updated text] The best with 24h light top 10

President of Nazekanie: The most interesting gifts for gadgets [updated text] The best with 24h light top 10

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From ultra-sliding VR glasses, TVs-boxes to headphones that look like lipstick.The world of new technologies is filled with devices that attract our attention with the original form or interesting functionality.In the following list we present ideas for such extraordinary gifts for real gadgets.


Źródło: HTC

Virtual reality has arrived in many homes and offices for good, and with each subsequent month it quickly gained popularity.She has opened completely new possibilities for us, allows us to go far beyond the framework of everyday life and develop creativity.It is successively piercing to the mainstream and is getting louder and louder about it, M.in.thanks to sets of a mobile character.HTC Vive Flow glasses expand this product category and show a new development direction of the VR sector.They carry this technology in a new dimension.

What makes this equipment unique is its extraordinary form.The fully elegant housing is closed a fully independent system for servicing broadly understood virtual reality.A system that brings to mind the technology of sunglasses worthy of a cover session in a cyberpunk fashion magazine, not classic VR goggles.

Glasses were created for those recipients who would like to break free from the okay of the physical world and without embarrassment to move around the digital world.Vive Flow are extremely compact, light and easy to use, so just connect them to the phone to quickly move to private cinema and display your favorite movies, series or reports from sports games on the big screen.Glasses will also help organize digital meetings and trainings, visit virtual representations of famous museums or visually help meditation.VIVETORT Vista will help in exploring all these worlds, which as part of a unified subscription will give the user access to dozens of applications.

Designers responsible for VIVE FLOW have made sure that we maximally deepen our experiences.This will help both the high resolution of 3.2k, 100-degree field of view and slotted speakers installed in temples, which were adapted to simulate spatial sound.And if someone wants to fully immerse themselves in another reality - they can pair Vive Flow with Bluetooth headphones to completely cut off from the outside world.

HTC VIVE FLOW has one more technomagic property, which is in vain to be found with competition - an optical system equipped with lenses with diopter regulation.Thanks to it, people with a visual impairment can use HTC Vive Flow even without corrective glasses.Glasses can be bought at this link at PLN 2699.

Razer Firefly V2 (PLN 249)

Źródło: Razer

Who said that the pad under the computer mouse for a gaming PC must be a boring, like an indistinct addition?Nothing prevents you from making a small work of art.And nobody knows so well in turning inconspicuous accessories into flashy, glowing gadgets like Razer designers, specialists in highlighting everything with LEDs.

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Firefly V2 was designed with respect for this festival and nutritional philosophy of Razer, ordering to combine high functionality with bold design.The hard surface of the pad was covered with a fabric with a microtexture finish, which is to ensure balance between speed and precision of movement.The mice probably slide over its surface, allowing you to efficiently aim at a digital opponent.

However, it is not the material that plays the first violin here, Razer was equipped with Firefly V2 with 19 fully configurable backlight zones surrounding the edges of the pads, which will illuminate its edges with a riot of 16.8 million colors.Perhaps the backlight will not improve your effectiveness in games, but it looks phenomenal.As befits a classic gaming gadget.We will buy Razer Firefly V2 for PLN 249.

Samsung the Frame

Źródło: Samsung

Who said that modern TVs must overwhelm our salons with their coarse form?The times of giant receivers have long been forgotten, and The Frame series is the quintessence of the new era of television industrial design.These devices are designed in such a way that they perfectly fit into our apartments, transforming into sophisticated technological decoration.

The Frame televisions combine two functions - on the one hand they are to be used to watch movies, series and playing games, and on the other to decorate our interiors thanks to their unusual design.As the name suggests, the receivers were similar to classic images.The electronics responsible for content processing have been pushed into the One Connect module, which we connect to the matrix via a translucent cable.The matrix itself is only 2.5 cm thick and closed in the housing adjacent to the wall.

However, this would not be enough to call The Frame TV-picture, slender receivers on the market are not lacking.In this series, the art mode is unique, which will display works of art.When we don't use the TV, we can switch it to this energy -saving mode to decorate our walls with masters.We can even frame them into the digital passe-partout and buy optional replaceable frames to match the appearance of the TV to our salon.The producer even created a subscription service, under which he provides thousands of works of art masters and painting from the most famous museums in the world.

The smallest 4K model with a 43-inch matrix was valued at PLN 3999.

Huawei freeebuds lipstick

Źródło: Huawei

Who said that smartphone headphones must have boring, like an indistinct form?Certainly not Huawei designers.The corporation assumed that the equipment we use on a daily basis should catch the eye.This is how Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick headphones were created, which combine high functionality with an exclusive appearance - this gadget was closed in a case reminiscent of classic lipstick, and the fleas themselves were decorated with a burgundy housing.

Despite their extraordinary form, Huawei freeebuds lipstick are more than just an exclusive -looking technological gadget.We are dealing here with top mobile headphones from Huawei, which will allow you to use M.in.from active noise reduction technology to suppress the sounds of the ambient.After pairing them with the Huawei AI Life application, they will allow you to configure the functions we call after knocking on their housing, and use the Adaptive Ear-Matching tool.After firing it, the software will analyze the shape of the user's auditory channel to personalize the alhalgorithms filtering to the user's physiognomy.

If you are looking for an exclusive gift for a person who values sublime industrial design and high functionality, Huawei freeebuds lipstick may appeal to her.The device case was made so carefully that bystanders may not even realize that it is hiding an advanced technological gadget for PLN 999 and not ordinary lipstick.

Razer Phone Cooler Chroma

Źródło: Razer

Here is once a rear -free gadget that has a chance to steal the heart of gaming lovers.Phone Cooler Chroma is a designer cooling attachment designed for the most demanding mobile players.Those who warm up their phones almost red when firing the most resource -consuming titles.

Razer Phone Cooler Chroma is created to reduce the temperature of smartphone components working at full load.A thick metal plate will capture heat from the housing, and the massive 7-go fan will push them away from the device.The equipment is to accelerate to 6,400 rpm, and at maximum load it will work at a maximum volume of 30 decibels.If the assumption actually fulfills this, he should not make noise and distract us while playing.

Razer, however, would not be himself if he had not been tempted to embellish this gem in a gaming style.Phone Cooler Chroma, as the name suggests, is equipped with 12 fully configurable RGB diodes that work with the Razer Chroma system.

We will pay 70 € for this extravagance..Two models are available for sale: Android fastened to the phone via physical clamps, and Apple'owski attached to the back of the iPhone via the magnetic system of Magsafe Mounting.

IKEA Symphonisk

Źródło: IKEA

Loudspeaker?Image?No, it's a speaker hidden in the image.For PLN 799 (PLN 499 for IKEA FAMILY members) we can buy a gift that will be remembered for a long time for every gadget.IKEA designers have created an extremely slender speaker hidden in the image frame in cooperation with Sonos.Like Samsung the Frame, at first glance he hides his true identity.In a thin, 6-centimeter housing, a wireless sound transmission system is hidden.Just pair the symphonks with a home WiFi network, download the Sonos application and configure the connection to stream music, radio and podcasts from your favorite websites.

Sympax speakers can be synchronized with you to create an extensive multiroom system, or operated independently.The mobile application will also allow you to pair the device with the LED light panel to create an atmospheric audiovisual screening.

Two color versions of the device are available for sale that will allow them to match them to our interior.

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