Results - which smartphone at a price from about 3 to 3.5 thousand zlotys takes the best photos?

Results - which smartphone at a price from about 3 to 3.5 thousand zlotys takes the best photos?

The best photographic phone in our test is this?

The results of voting in the poll attached to this text, which are a reflection of your impression without breaking the grades into individual categories, can still change, because this vote does not end.His condition on November 11, 2021 is as follows.

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In general, you considered Xiaomi 11T PRO as the best photographic phone.Where does such a result come from?In my opinion, this is due to the photos we like, that is, you like.And in the case of smartphone photography, it is often a feature much more important than the technical perfection of photography.Yes, there is always a border that cannot be crossed, as evidenced by the lowest rated phones.

Cameras in Xiaomi 11T Pro

Cameras in Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G

Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G jumped to the second place on the box.I have to admit that I am even surprised, not so much the result, but that it did not fight more about the first place with the Xiaomi phone.Perhaps this is a consequence of striving for the technical precision, which may negatively affect the reception of photos.

OnePlus 9 took the third place.In my opinion, this is a phone with great potential, which, unfortunately, is destroyed by incomprehensible software shortcomings.That is why I am not surprised by the lowest place of the podium, although I expected that it would be rather a Huawei product.

cameras in OnePlus 9

Huawei P30 Pro is the last of the P series, which works under the control of GMS services.The phone is still updated, which will still perfectly fulfill the role of a little older flagship.In my opinion, the lower rating had quite economical color management.If the photographs were more saturated, Huawei could achieve a better result.Still, you will agree that this phone from more than two years ago is still photographically noteworthy.

Cameras in Huawei P30 Pro

Wyniki - który smartfon w cenie od około 3 do 3,5 tysiąca złotych robi najlepsze zdjęcia?

Cameras in Motorola Edge 20 Pro

The last place, unfortunately, was taken by Motorola Edge 20 Pro.Unfortunately, because with a very poor result.It is an attempt to enter this manufacturer on a shelf with photographically great products.Theoretically, it has everything you need, even a telephoto lens with Zoom X5, and the photos are not as bad as it would suggest the result of the probe.And yet something was missing here to get more votes.If it's a software matter.

Voting results in individual categories, or "photographic multicide"

Voting, in which you evaluated telephones for the overall, is a rating that has a much more subjective charge than the assessment, which will result from counting votes in each of the 11 photographic categories.But first, let's get to know the partial results.

Category 1 - photos taken during the day in various lighting situations

Category 2 - Pictures of the contrasting stage in HDR and without this mode

Category 3 - Pictures taken with an ultrazerocal camera during the day

Category 4 - photos taken at maximum rapprochement

Category 5 - Pictures taken in the room up close with the main camera

Category 6 - photos taken with the main camera in the forest

Category 7 - Pictures in the room taken with artificial lighting

Category 8 - Pictures taken with an ultra -ultra -angle apparatus in difficult conditions

Category 9 - photos taken at dusk and night

Category 10 - photos taken in night mode

Category 11 - photos taken on the zoomie

The total result, i.e. a summary of all categories of "photographic multiple"

The list, which indicated the most versatile photographic telephone, reflected the best device, taking into account this type of photography, which is the most important for you.However, photographic polyicon shows which phone is the most versatile.The combination of all results gave us the following classification.

And we have a small surprise, in my opinion expected.Xiaomi and Oppo have changed places, compared to the general assessment of the probe, and the difference was reduced by about 1/3.It reproduces the real state of affairs quite well.Both smartphones are doing great in photography, but they have a slightly different approach to recording the image, which results in a slightly different character of photos, and the one from Oppo is closer to natural.The OPPO significant improvement of the results was primarily affected by good results for the category from 7 up, including for photos taken at night and on zoom.

The second part of the rate was also subordinate to the Roszads.OnePlus 9 fell to the last place, and Motorola Edge 20 Pro jumped up one eye up.Huawei P30 Pro, in turn, is slightly better than Motorola.Besides, you can see that Motoroli must be given a chance, and the X5 optical zoom does its job.On the other hand, OnePlus 9 Although the last in "photographic multiple", it does not stand out significantly from the rest of the rate.

The best photos are the ones we like - summary

As I mentioned earlier, the best photos for us are those that we like the most.The test shows that manufacturers must weigh the hardware potential and software capabilities accordingly.It can also be seen that Huawei P30 Pro, although not the latest, still has a lot to say in the category of night photography and zoom, i.e. in elements that were extremely refined and stood out firmly from the competition.In general photography, progress was the most of Huawei P30 Pro, which, after all, is still a great photosmartphone for supporters of this brand.

In this test I offered a lot of different scenes and although they do not exhaust all the capabilities of the cameras, they quite well reflect what the amateur photography will do with the phone.There were no portrait photos here, but in my opinion it is a category that strongly stands out from those selected for this blind test.

Thank you for participating in the vote.

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