Moto G100 with the Ready For Platform will replace us with a TV and gaming console

By Chrisfugiel

Smartfony uwolniły nas od biurek, na których stały komputery. Pracować, grać, kontaktować się ze znajomymi możemy w niemal dowolnym miejscu. Teraz historia zatacza koło. Motorola na okrągłą 10. generację serii moto g stworzyła moto g100 – smartfon na tyle wydajny, że może nie tylko towarzyszyć nam jako urządzenie mobilne, ale również umożliwia wydajną pracę w trybie stacjonarnym. Wystarczy podłączyć moto g100 do dowolnego monitora lub g100 z platformą Ready For zastąpi nam telewizor i konsolę do gier

Ready for is more than a screen cloning

Smartphones have long been able to display their screen on the TV and monitor.The small problem is that the smartphone interface is matched to the vertical screen and touch operation, and the monitor has a level system.For this purpose, the Ready For Platform was created - instead of clone what you can see on the smartphone, it adapts to the user's needs in one of the four ways.

Just connect the Moto G100 to the monitor or TV using the CHDMI Cable Cable in the set or directly using USB C for a compatible monitor, so that the Motorola logo appears on the large screen, and on the smartphone screen these modes to choose from.

Mobile desktop - for a PC

The mobile desktop is closest to what we know from traditional computers.It has a classic bottom beam on which you will find a menu with all applications.There is also a classic desktop with icons.To fully use the mobile desktop, we recommend connecting you to the G100 mouse (e.g..Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse) and keyboard (e.g..Lenovo ThinkPad Trackpoint Keyboard II).Then you can fully start working as on a PC - open applications in the windows, change their size and layout.We can reply to an e -mail, with an open calendar, PDF and spreadsheet in front of the eyes.The mouse allows you to precisely select and copy the content, and the keyboard will allow you to write a longer text.Even when we open many windows at the same time, Moto G100 copes with them without a problem and we will not notice any "lags".The mobile desktop mode will work both when traveling ( the hotel) and at home when we need an additional workplace.In the Moto G100 hotel in a few seconds we will connect to a large TV.If you don't have a mouse on hand, you can use the Moto G100 screen as a trackpad.

Video chat - remote work becomes our everyday life

The year 2020 was the year of a remote work boom and video messengers.The epidemic forces us to connect to the office, school and friends with video conferences.The G100 is dedicated video conference Ready for - video chat.This mode allows you to connect the video conference application with the high quality of the Moto G100 camera.Regardless of whether we use Teams, Zoom, Skype, Duo, Signal, Messenger, thanks to Moto G100 we can use the quality of the camera and smartphone microphones in combination with a large screen.Video chat mode automatically displays all video conference applications and will guarantee that we will look much better during connections than before.

TV mode for multimedia

The mobile desktop is to turn up our productivity, and the TV mode is to provide us with entertainment on the big screen.On the screen we will see large Netflix, HBO and YouTube icons.Ready For I Moto G100 will change each TV into a modern entertainment center with access to multimedia via the Internet, even if we have only an old TV without a "smart" function.This solution is also an ideal solution for a home projector, who often offers no additional communication outside the HDMI input and a separate source of signal and services is necessary.

Game mode for home entertainment on the big screen

The game mode is in Moto G100 twin similar to TV mode - it displays a list of large icons, which this time consists only of game titles.Allows you to enjoy the game on any big screen.The most important thing, however, is that we can fully use the possibilities offered by the pad.It is enough to pair after Bluetooth with Moto G100 any pad supporting wireless connectivity and you can enjoy comfort, speed and precision that the touch interface does not give us.

Moto G100 - flagship at a good price

Motorola has been implementing a clear strategy for years, thanks to which so many people liked the smartphones of this brand in our country.Pure Android is one of the main advantages - it is a predictable operation, a well -known interface, trouble -free service and updates.Pure Android is supported by useful accessories, such as widely liked moto gestures (including our favorite fast switching on camera or flashlight).Moto G100 also offers a new Dual Capture mode - from now on you can record video with a rear and front camera at the same time.In combination with Android 11 and a powerful Snapdragon 870 5G processor, Motorola's best phone calls that it has hit my hands so far.Now thanks to the Ready for Moto G100 platform, it's more than just a smartphone - it's a professional work tool, smart tv and gaming console.

Moto G100 - presentation of the Ready For Platform