Tusk invited to the Sunday manifestation in defense of Poland in the EU.A counter -manifestation has already been announced

Tusk invited to the Sunday manifestation in defense of Poland in the EU.A counter -manifestation has already been announced

The head of PO Donald Tusk called to participate in the demonstration in response to the Thursday judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal."I call everyone who wants to defend European Poland, on Sunday at Zamkowy Square in Warsaw, 6pm.Only we can stop them together, "wrote the leader on Twitter on Thursday.


On Friday on TVN24 he explained his intentions.

"I would like everyone to real.Maybe you will have to disassemble the highways and the National Stadium, maybe Polish farmers will have to give away all the money we received from the European Union.I deliberately exaggerate with interpretation, because I emphasize the absurdity and sinister politicality of this decision, "said Tusk.

He also assessed that the decision "would not have practical significance, but he is a political next step in the march outside the European Union".

According to Tusk, "the fact that Ziobro forced this kind of anti -EU demonstration (...) shows that part of the ruling camp is very impatient to put an end to the European adventure of Poles ".

"I am convinced that in a moment the European Union will be guilty in their stories all price increases, including energy price increases.It is easy for me to imagine that if the inflation is as it is, the path will be more and more troublesome for every Pole, energy prices will jump, and they will still convince everyone that we do not need any money from the Union and that the Union is occupying us, and they have at their disposalPowerful propaganda instruments, I am afraid that such havoc can make, that this support for the Union will fall " - said the leader of the PO.

"This is my task, people like me who understand what the national interest of Poland set in the west means to put a hard veto.M.in.That is why it is a Warsaw meeting at Zamkowy Square on Sunday at 18 " - he added.

Tusk zaprosił na niedzielną manifestację w obronie Polski w UE. Zapowiedziano już kontrmanifestację

He informed that he called with an invitation to a manifestation to leaders: Polish 2050 Szymon Hołownia, the left of Robert Biedroń and PSL Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.He also stipulated that he was not the host of the Sunday event."I gave a signal (...).I feel very responsible for Poland's position in the EU, so I proposed a place and an hour, but the host is Warsaw and Warsaw residents.Everyone who wants will participate in it, "said Tusk.He added that many social organizations responded positively to his appeal.

Once again appealed to participate in the demonstration."I think that they (PiS - PAP) will go back, or at least stop when they see resistance, also on the street - of course I am talking about a peaceful manifestation" - argued the leader after.

In turn, Senator Bogdan Klich (KO) told PAP that "the Sunday assembly would be to express his attitude towards the position taken by the so -called Constitutional Tribunal".

"We think here in the Senate and the parties that are represented here that this is a threat to Poland's place in the European Union, that this opens the way to Poland's speech from the EU and introduces a gigantic legal chaos in Poland, because it undermines the principle principle of recognizing the execution of judgments of the CJEUin every member state, "said Klich."A call to such a demonstration is fully justified that the rulers know that they will not go so easily," he added.

"Monthly" and counter -manifestation

PiS politicians had reservations about the term of the demonstration, because traditionally 10.day of each month in the Archcathedral Basilica of the PW.Męczeństwa św.John the Baptist is celebrated in the afternoon of the Eucharist for the victims of the Smolensk disaster."Mr. Donald Tusk does not call for rebellion on October 9 on Saturday, only on October 10 to meet two groups: primarily aggressive - because this is how the street of total opposition behaves - and the group that will enter and leave the church at 19., as every month " - said MEP Anna Zalewska (PiS) on Radio ZET.

Do zapowiedzi manifestacji odniósł się też prezes stowarzyszeniaMarsz Niepodległości Robert Bąkiewicz, który zapowiedział kontrmanifestację."Prime Minister Donald Tusk we will be there (@snarodowa, @rotymn) and we will defend Poland against the 5th column, which you form from cheated and manipulated Poles" - he wrote on your Twitter."Long live Poland!" - added.

On Thursday, the Constitutional Tribunal decided that the European provisions to the extent that European Union bodies operate outside the competences transferred by Poland are inconsistent with the Polish Constitution.A European provision entitling national courts to omit the provisions of the Constitution or adjudicating on the basis of annulled norms, as well as the provisions of the EU Treaty entitling national courts to review the legality of the legality of the judge's appointment by the president and the resolutions of the National Council of the Judiciary of the Judiciary of the Judiciary of the Judiciary of the Judiciary, is also unconstitutional provision..appointment of judges.(PAP)

Author: Piotr Śmiełowicz

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