You do not want "Chinese" but you are looking for a phone for around 1000 PLN? Here is a promotion for you!

By Chrisfugiel

If you thought about buying a phone for around PLN 1000, and you do not want a product from any Chinese manufacturer (I do not go into the reasons), then perhaps you will be interested in the promotion for two smartphones of the "reputable Samsung brand". Nie chcesz „chińszczyzny”, a szukasz telefonu za ok. 1000 zł? Oto promocja dla Ciebie!

Two Galaxy M smartphones at promotional prices

As part of the official Polish distribution, you can buy two Galaxy smartphones from the M family at lower prices:

Samsung Galaxy M21

from: 1,000 PLN » more info»

Samsung Galaxy M31s

from: 1.799 PLN » more info»

Galaxy M31s or Galaxy M21?

The basic question is, how are the Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31s different? Is it worth paying an extra PLN 250 for the latter? Or maybe it's better to save and choose a cheaper model?

Samsung Galaxy M21 / photo by the manufacturer

In my opinion, the answer is unequivocal - it is definitely worth adding to the Galaxy M31s. This model has more RAM and internal memory, which is its biggest advantage, but it also exceeds the rival's charging speed (25W vs 15W, but the set includes a weaker power supply) and an additional 5 MP macro camera.

I think that it is all worth the extra PLN 250. The only question is whether it is worth buying the Galaxy M31s for PLN 1099? I leave the answer to you. I myself have other favorites - yes, I know, I am a trashman who likes Chinese food because they pay him for it 😉

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