Top 10 iOS 15 features

Top 10 iOS 15 features

2. Focus Mode

Allows you to improve your concentration by restricting notifications in various options of this mode. You can also set your status so others will know that you may not be receiving notifications.

Focus mode can be activated in Settings. There are several options to choose from: Do Not Disturb, Fitness, Driving, Sleep, Me Time, Work. In individual modes, you can choose which notifications are allowed - you can add people and applications to the list. You can also choose whether to inform others about your status and how notifications are displayed on the Home and Lock screens. Individual modes can be activated automatically, e.g. at a certain time or in a certain place, and, for example, Fitness Mode will turn on when you start training.

3. Interactive Memories

A little-known but very interesting feature that creates a slideshow with background music from photos in the iPhone's memory. Importantly, the system automatically groups photos in memories, taking into account, among other things, place, time and people. You can find here, for example, a slideshow of vacations or with selected photos of your child. The function has gained new options, including the ability to quickly preview and select photos and the ability to add background music from Apple Music.

To use this feature, open the Photos app and select the For You tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see all Memories and the ability to modify them.

4. Health Trends

The Health application provides information on trends related to activity and health parameters, such as average daily distance traveled, average sleep time, average resting heart rate, average blood oxygen level. It is worth noting that an Apple Watch is required to collect some of this data. You can also receive notifications when particular trends change.

5. Summary of notifications

Top 10 iOS 15 Features

With this feature, you can set what times a summary of less important notifications will be sent. Thanks to this, the user will not be bombarded with invalid notifications throughout the day.

The feature can be enabled in Settings, under the Notifications tab. Tap on Scheduled Summaries. Here you can select at what time the summary will be sent and which applications it will apply to.

6. New weather app

At first glance, there are not many changes, but appearances are deceiving. After clicking on the icon in the lower left corner, the application switches to the map view, where you can monitor temperature, rainfall and air quality. In the case of precipitation, there is an animated 12-hour forecast, thanks to which you can see, for example, where the storm is coming from or how much precipitation will be in the next few hours.

7. Hide my e-mail

Allows you to generate unique, random e-mail addresses through which messages are forwarded to a real inbox. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to reveal your real e-mail address, for example, when subscribing to a newsletter or registering for various services. All you need is the Sign in with Apple feature on the website or app. It should be used so as not to share your real e-mail address.

8. Improved Maps

Apple Maps is becoming a growing threat to Google's solution. iOS 15 introduces many new features. Added, among others:

Interactive globe

The globe is much more detailed, and when you tap on any element, information about it is displayed.

Detailed city maps

Some cities are mapped with great accuracy. Unfortunately, this does not apply to cities in Poland, but the view of metropolises such as San Francisco, New York or London is impressive in both two and three dimensions.

9. What's new in Safari

The first thing that's new is the repositioning of the address bar and the tab bar. It is now located at the bottom of the screen, so that all options can be reached with the finger of the hand in which the iPhone is held. You can return to the view from the previous system, i.e. the bar at the top of the screen. Just go to Settings, find Safari and in the Tabs section, switch to the Single tab option.

The view of open tabs in Safari has also changed. In iOS 14, they looked like documents in a file cabinet seen from above. Now they are in the form of tiles. Moreover, you can create groups of tabs. With this feature, cards can be saved in a folder and opened later. All options related to groups of cards are available after tapping on the tabs icon in the middle of the bottom bar.

10. New Memoji

A Memoji is an avatar that can reflect the user's personality and mood. It is created in the Messages application, and thanks to Face ID Memoji, they reflect the user's facial expressions. New styles are available in iOS 15. There are also new accessories such as hearing aids, oxygen tubes and soft protective helmets.

Have you had fun with iOS 15 yet? What are your impressions? Let me know in the comments.

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