A pile of laughs from the Apple conference (with the advantage of poop) [SEE MEMES]

A pile of laughs from the Apple conference (with the advantage of poop) [SEE MEMES]

Apparently, the popularity of anything is measured in the number of memes that are created about that "something". While in the case of people, meme creation is governed by different laws, in the case of technological gadgets it is a very simple relationship. After yesterday's conference of the giant from Cupertino, a lot of more or less accurate memes were created. Apple kind of deserved it...Loads of laughs from the Apple conference (mostly poop) [SEE MEMES]

Craig Federighi, presenting the possibilities of unlocking the iPhone X with the help of the face and Face ID technology, probably did not expect such a turn of events.

"Unlocking is very easy, just look at your phone and swipe up..."


There was silence as Craig burst out in surprise, "Whoa," right after seeing a black board on the iPhone X screen.

"Let's try again"

But instead of unlocking the smartphone, the screen asked for a code. Apparently, Face ID failed to read Craig's face, which resulted in the requirement to enter several numbers. It is similar when Touch ID fails to scan our fingerprint for some reason. Federighi had to use a replacement iPhone to properly present Face ID.

Apple Face ID Unlock in action. oops! #AppleEvent #iPhoneX #iPhoneXEdition #FaceID #GalaxyNote8 pic.twitter.com/Ehncbfnz9n

— Paul Wagner (@pmwagner) September 12, 2017

The rest of the presentation of Face ID's capabilities was without technical glitches, but this slip was enough to fill the network with memes about the "disability" of unlocking the phone with your face.

The Apple New iPhone X #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/szw272jPYG

— 9GAG (@9GAG) September 12, 2017

You're a true #GameOfThrones fan if you've seen that #FaceID wall before..#iphoneX #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/eXT2ofYtmQ

— A Dream Of Spring (@Arya_No1) September 12, 2017

Besides, we make jokes not only about Face ID, but also about the price of the iPhone X and ... ourselves - people who would sometimes be ready to abandon a perfectly working smartphone for the latest Apple equipment just to have fun animoji.

Even the creators of the Black Mirror series decided to make fun of animoji. In their version of events, among the animated faces, there was also Waldo - the hero of one of the episodes of this production.


- Black Mirror (@blackmirror) September 12, 2017

Admittedly, many people really like the iPhone X. For this reason, they would be very happy to deprive themselves of some extra organs, if only a specific buyer would be found for a kidney.

It's just not that simple. The illegal, underground organ trading market has reportedly begun to fill up after the announcement of Apple's new launches.

Kidney prices are falling. Too much supply. #AppleEvent

- K. Roll (@KejRoll) September 12, 2017

Memes about iPhones began to appear even before the premiere of yesterday evening. Take a look at this funny drawing from Mashable, which showcases all the "great" features of an Apple smartphone.


Others chose to praise the work of Apple's chief smartphone designer, Johny Ive. After all, many hours of toil in Paint, which resulted in turning the camera module by 90º, could not remain unappreciated.

How Jony Ive designed iPhone 8 pic.twitter.com/ffLe9aIjOK

- Ilya Miskov (@ilyamiskov) July 27, 2017

Even Huawei itself joked with Apple, claiming that apples are nothing yet, and the real premiere is yet to come.

Today is just a foretaste! The real feast is yet to come! #Huawei #Mate #HuaweiMobileAI pic.twitter.com/szxWOU2zgE

— Huawei Mobile Poland (@huaweimobilepl) September 12, 2017

The producer, if he wants to really mess up the market, must plan such a presentation of the new Mate that would inspire me to collect an equally large collection of memes. How many of them will be created. Because if the popularity of a product is measured in memes/h, the Apple conference broke a record yesterday.

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