And this is supposed to be all this powerful, innovative Apple?

And this is supposed to be all this powerful, innovative Apple?

It is known that there is always a lot of controversy around such a great manufacturer as Apple. There are people who love this company, but also those who don't like it. However, the company cannot be denied that it does some things really well - for example, conferences, which, despite the fact that today they often break down into more products than Xiaomi at times, remain consistent and quite legible. We are just after probably the most important Apple conference this year - the one where new mobile devices are shown. Throughout the year there is speculation about what the latest iPhones will bring, and it is at this hour that Apple confirms or denies all rumors and conjectures.

You'll be interested in Apple's conference recap. All the most important announcementsApple presents the ninth generation of the basic iPad

Although, let's agree - more confirms, because everything was already known before the premiere

Since more or less June, practically everything was known about the new iPhones. Here you have information about a smaller notch, here - about larger batteries, and here - that Apple will insert an even larger camera island in the pro model. In fact, even such details as diagonal arrangement of lenses or new film options were known before.

So if there's an element of surprise, whoever at Apple is responsible for stopping leaks is unlikely to get a raise.

However, it wasn't the leaks that made me yawn throughout the conference

Apple is still seen as an innovator, as a company that brings mobile devices to the heights of their capabilities. And while I can agree that iPhones are the most powerful smartphones with great cameras in terms of computing power, there are a lot of things for me to improve in them. Meanwhile, Apple at its conference showed ... well, not too much. Looking at the base model of the iPhone 13, the language blown to the limit concerned - new cameras (here you will be able to comment on the quality once they hit the market), the mentioned processor, battery (although they did not mention the capacity, the terrifying 3095 mAh according to leaks ) and a smaller notch.

And this is going to be all powerful, innovative Apple?

Meanwhile, the basic model still has neither a fast screen refresh (although it is to get a new OLED), nor charging comparable to the competition, and the notch, although smaller, still brings to mind smartphones from 4 years ago. It is ridiculous that today phones for PLN 1,500 have 120 Hz as standard, and for Apple this is a function reserved for "pro" users. I'm far from a hater, but here really Apple is not even chasing the competition - it just made itself comfortable in the tail knowing that people will buy a new iPhone anyway. If they bought 11 with an LCD screen of 828 x 1792 pixels, then the lack of a higher refresh rate in 2021 will not be an obstacle for them.

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But how much I wouldn't yawn and how much I wouldn't prove that Apple either doesn't have an idea for the development of smartphones or doesn't want to hear what users really want (I can't count how many people suggested that it could give itself peace with these flat edges, because they are not the most comfortable or it has USB-C in it) then the new iPhone will sell great. Why? Because it's an iPhone. A must have in countries like the US and a status symbol in poorer nations like Poland. Apple must be aware of this. The popularity of this brand is built by the users themselves through word-of-mouth marketing. I don't know if you counted how many times the word "ecosystem", "optimization" and "integration of hardware and software" were mentioned at the conference - buzzwords when it comes to marketing each Apple product.

And ecology, our beloved ecology

In this presentation more often than ever there were boards informing how much new Apple products are ecological. Each of them showed what Apple is doing to less harm the environment. And while antennas made of recycled plastic are something cool, Apple is silent as usual about those aspects where it is no longer so ecological. I am curious what this time Apple will be able to pair with each other to make the repair even more difficult or even impossible.

In addition - let's not forget that Apple was the first to be against the right to repair, forcing manufacturers to support devices released on the market with parts, diagrams and diagnostic tools, so that users have a choice in which service they want to repair their equipment. That's why every time Apple talked about ecology, all I could do was laugh.

Of course - Apple has much more than what was shown at today's conference. iPads Pro or Macbooks have recently undergone a large redesign and in their categories "do the job". Today, however, Apple did not work out remarkably. How else am I supposed to treat a situation where the host praises the appearance of the 9th generation of the iPad or says that the new Apple Watch allows for even more, while not showing anything new? What should I think about a phone in which Apple still does not solve the most important problems for users? I'm sorry, but as much as I'd like to, I can't see the innovation in this.

But don't worry - in a moment we will find out that the iPhone is the best-selling smartphone of the 4th quarter.

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