Apple: You can fix the iPhone yourself at home from 2022

Apple: You can fix the iPhone yourself at home from 2022

Apple has announced a new repair program for iPhones, performed directly and alone at its home.Something that many claimed that it would never come, just came true.What does this mean for the average iPhone owner?Everything in this post.

Apple gives the possibility of repairing smartphones to the hands of the users themselves

"Self Service Repair" is a new repair program that Apple presented using a press publication.It will allow the owners of the equipment to make repairs at home at home.Replacement of the display in the iPhone or battery will no longer be associated with going to a specialist.

Important information is that the program will primarily ensure the availability of original parts and tools for repair.The first devices that qualify for this program are all iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.Maci with a M1 processor will also join this list soon.

The pilot program will start at the beginning of 2022 and only in the United States.Apple plans to launch the service also in subsequent countries later in 2022.

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What will you exchange yourself in the iPhone?

Apple reports that in the first version the program will repair access to the original parts of the most popular modules, which are most often mentioned.Therefore, we are talking about a display, battery or camera.Later in 2022, more elements and modules are to join this list.

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Apple changes the strategy by 180 degrees.How did this happen?

The new repair program from the Cupertino group is a change in the strategy by 180 degrees.Until now, Apple has sworn that it would not allow any repairs at home or repairs made by third parties.Self Service Repair will allow you to buy original parts, give access to official documentation and other instructions necessary to carry out repairs.

The most interesting, however, is that in the press advertisement we do not see any mention of the possible prices of spare parts, access or other elements for which you will have to pay anyway.There is also no information about the qualifications necessary to carry out reliable repair.

Changing the strategy by Apple can be dictated by the growing pressure from various organizations working to facilitate equipment repairs and the possibility of access to cheaper substitutes.So it seems clear that today's information is mostly the result of legal changes and pressure of the organization, as well as an attempt to effectively present Apple in a good light.The publication itself has an extremely marketing tone.

Many people comment on this decision very positively.Personally, I would wait for the development of the situation and check the price list, as well as the requirements that will have to be met to get qualifications for the new program.

Besides, I would not count on the fact that the program in question will quickly come to Poland.

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