Hi smartphone toddler!iPhone 13 mini - first impressions

Hi smartphone toddler!iPhone 13 mini - first impressions

Jeden z bardzo nielicznych smarfonów, które można obsługiwać jedną ręką, właśnie trafił do naszej redakcji. iPhone 13 mini może sprawić, że okres testów będzie obfitował w ciekawe wnioski.Cześć smartfonowy maluchu! iPhone 13 mini – pierwsze wrażenia


I honestly admit from all the new iPhones, it was the iPhone 13 Mini that was the one to test the least.Well, it's an euphemism - I didn't feel like it.Meanwhile, by a twist of fate, it was the smallest of the new smartphones in the Apple portfolio today appeared in my apartment.So you had to get rid of prejudices quickly to test the received copy as closely and as accurately as possible.

A full review of a smartphone toddler will appear in Tabletowo.pl in a dozen or so days.Meanwhile, I would like to share with you the first feelings, accompanying me from the moment I took it out of the box.

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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini officially.Only evolution, but in the right direction

The biggest change - no foil

I am aware that for lovers of electronics produced by Apple, unpacking a new device is a special moment.Emotions accompanying the opening of the box in many American fans reach their zenith.Meanwhile, opening the packaging with the iPhone 13 Mini inside does not bring any major emotions.Why?If only because we have already seen it all.

For sharing a smartphone for testing, a lot of thanks to Komputronik, in which you will of course find an iPhone 13 mini.

The biggest change, compared to previous generations of Apple smartphones, is to change the box protection to allegedly more ecological.The packaging of previous generations was wrapped in foil, while the latest are protected from opening only by two paper ribbons on the back.You don't need anything else.

Inside, as I mentioned, absolutely no surprises.Smartphone, USB-C cable-lightning, documentation, needle and sticker.That's all.

iPhone 13 Mini is really very small!

I am one of those unfortunate who had no pleasure to use for a long time any Apple smartphone presented in 2020.For this reason, I had no idea that the smallest of the iPhones is so small.

As soon as I opened the packaging, I was not able to hide the surprise.The iPhone 13 Mini, after picking up, turns out to be one of the most filigree smartphones I have used so far!

I admit honestly, it caused me some concerns.They say that habit is the second nature of man.So since, in recent years, I have got used to large, and even very large smartphones, or suddenly, from day to day, will I be able to comprehend the service of such a toddler?

Fortunately, each subsequent minute of its use confirms my belief that it is the most, and my short fingers were waiting for this type of device so as not to have to strain too much.

Well, maybe we'll even like each other?

Filigree elegant

For testing I received the color version of Midnight, i.e. in Polish north.This is by far the most subdued, but also the most elegant color version of the 13 Mini iPhone available in the iPhone palette.

It is difficult for me to clearly define what specific color it is.I would describe him as dark gray, almost black, with a small admixture of blue.The smartphone frame was made in a very similar, slightly darker shade.

At first glance, the whole looks exactly as I expected from the Apple product.Without unnecessary artistic elation, but with taste and something that can be called a classic, if such a term can be used for modern industrial design.

It's a very elegant, small smartphone.

These cameras are large

In addition to the manufacturer's logo, the only characteristic element on the iPhone 13 Mini housing is the island for cameras.In the case of iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 models, equipped with two lenses, they were placed diagonally, not one above the other, as in the case of the previous two generations.

Was such a change needed?Don't judge me.I will only say that you can easily get used to the new design, and the island itself, although we are dealing with a really filigree device, does not deter its size.

However, the size of the camera stitches, which have been noticeably enlarged compared to its predecessor.How will this translate into the quality of photography?We will check soon.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at my first photos that were made using the iPhone 13 Mini:

  • And a few more photographs at night:

  • What about this note?

    According to the Apple declaration, the cut in the screen was reduced by 20%, which was to have a positive effect on the aesthetics of smartphones.However, I have the impression that the opposite has happened.The previous notch was longer but flatter.This one is definitely down, allegedly affecting the comfort of watching some video materials.

    I will convince myself about whether this is really an obstacle.At the moment, I can only assess the aesthetics of the new solution.In my opinion, those who say that older indentations looked better are right.The new reaches too deep, which is especially visible in such a small smartphone as the iPhone 13 Mini.I think it would be better to stay with the previous solution, especially in the case of the smallest of Apple smartphones.

    Operates 5g?Yet how!

    As I often write about the development of 5G technology in Poland, I could not give up testing its operation on the latest Apple smartphone.The result of the test I am not surprised.It is really very fast, but still not as fast as in the 4G network.

    What it comes from?From the configuration of the network used by operators.Due to the inability to use the target frequencies, the mobile suppliers (except for the plus) use the part of the band used by 4G previously used.Until the 5G network can use a wider band, the results will be similar, regardless of the smartphone used.

    iPhone 13 Mini has really great speakers

    Due to the miniature, for 2021, the display, iPhone 13 Mini is unlikely to be a dream companion to watch movies or series.On the contrary, its buyers will quickly consider buying something bigger, for example an iPad, to increase the comfort of watching video content.

    While watching longer material, on such a small screen, it will not be comfortable, so the auditory experience will certainly compensate for what we see (or rather - what we do not see).Already the first songs, interviewed on built -in iPhone 13 mini speakers, reveal that I had to deal with a great playing smartphone.Certainly, one of the best in this aspect on the market.

    I'm worried about the battery

    The biggest fear I live with the possibilities of the iPhone 13 Mini is its battery.Immediately after removing from the box, I topped up the smartphone to 100%.From that moment I conducted the initial configuration of the device, took a dozen photos and downloaded the most needed programs.In addition, literally a few minutes on the Internet and internet messengers, and the battery charge has already dropped to 63%.

    Is the new iPhone to have problems withstanding one full day on a single charging?I will look closely at this issue, and tomorrow, in this place, there will be screenshots of battery consumption during the first, full cycle of use.

  • Update - battery after the first cycle of use

    According to the promise, I come back to you just after the smartphone finished the first, full cycle of use on one charge.At the time of connecting to the charger, the battery condition was 5%.

    As you can see on the screenshots, the iPhone 13 Mini lasted, without a charger, less than 5.5 hours on the display on.Given the small battery inside, it is a pretty good result, thanks to which we should not worry about the duration of one full day without contact with the charger.

    However, I have a feeling that it will be much worse when we decide to burden the smartphone with more demanding tasks.Taking more photos (I won't mention recording movies) or playing, it can make us have to use a charger or a power bank in the middle of the day.

  • The time will come for the system

    Less than two hours of smartphone use is far too short to comment on the speed and stability of its operating system.I guess, however, that, as usual, in the case of Apple, you will not have any reservations in this respect.

    I am also almost sure that there will be smaller and larger, software errors, requiring urgent embrace with quick updates.

    For this reason, you have to wait for the new version of iOS for the full review of the iPhone 13 Mini.I will only add that minor interface modifications, including the transfer of the web browser address to the lower part of the screen, make the operation of the new smartphone very comfortable.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you, toddler!

    The Apple iPhone 13 Mini smartphone is most likely, the last miniature smartphone that will be released with the logo of this brand on the housing.Allegedly, the sales results of the smallest model do not allow its further production, which is why the generation that I hold in my hand is to be the latter.

    However, after a few moments with this smartphone, I have the impression that such a device is very much needed.In the world of constantly growing smartphones - even more than ever.As an uninformed person with long fingers, I feel relief using the model with the word mini in the name, which slowly makes my attitude towards him more and more positive.

    For the sake of the fact that in the future we still have a choice between larger and smaller constructions, I am already keeping my fingers crossed for the iPhone 13 Mini selling well enough to appear on the market not only its successors, but also competitors using anotheroperating system than iOS.

    You can do it, little!I believe in you!_

    For sharing a smartphone for testing, a lot of thanks to Komputronik, in which you will of course find an iPhone 13 mini.

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