Hidden function of your phone.You can shake your smartphone when you have a problem

Hidden function of your phone.You can shake your smartphone when you have a problem
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Piotr Grabiec23 listopada 2021

People shake the phones when they are nervous.Manufacturers know it well and decided to use it.This is how the hidden functions of smartphones were created.Just shake the device to activate special functions.Meet them.

dołącz do dyskusji

Shaking with a smartphone in anger can sometimes have an effect.This is how you can activate the screen ... reporting an error.What else can this gesture be useful for? Smartphones give their software to indicate from a number of sensors, including accelerometer.Over the years, programmers have taught the mobile systems they develop to recognize both the gesture of lifting the phone to wake up the screen and the gesture of shaking the device for activating this or other function.

Why shake the phone at all?

Once in Apple devices you could use a gesture of shaking to change the song to a random.Today, in the case of iPhones, the default response to shake the device is to call the system command "Understate the text".It works almost everywhere - whether in the settings or in the Safari system browser, whether in many applications of three companies.Thanks to this, if after completing the text field in the Twitter application or in Slack we will differ (because e.g..We will think that the troll is not worth the attention), just wave the device quickly.A message will then appear in the middle of the screen that allows you to remove all the entered content without having to hold your finger on the "Delete" button or select the entire statement.

However, third -party applications can capture the gesture of shaking the phone and activate other functions.

Ukryta funkcja twojego telefonu. Możesz potrząsnąć smartfonem, gdy masz jakiś problem

Instagram has just boasted adding an option to report errors in the application by shake the device.I wonder how many users will discover it only when for the first time after the update he raises his hand with a phone in his hand with a silent shout of powerlessness on the lips.

It works similarly to the Facebook application, where the possibility of reporting errors by shaking the device has been present for some time.Google also decided on a similar step in his Google Maps and Microsoft in the Office package (and probably a whole bunch of other programs that don't come to my mind).

In the case of Android, the gesture of shaking the phone is not used by default, although manufacturers can change this.

For example, Motorola programmed two functions of this type as part of its overlay.The shake of this company's device starts (or extinguishing) a flashlight, while twisting the wrist in a certain way allows you to discreetly start the camera without touching the display.In addition, in application stores you can find a lot of programs that were created only to use the gesture of shaking the phone.An example is e.g..Shake Me, which can turn on or disable the camera diode on demand or start a predefined application such as a camera, calculator, etc..Another interesting example of the application using the device shaking is the application of the Rossmann chain store, which interprets this gesture as a desire to take part in the lottery.The Hollie Guard, in turn, is practical, which allows you to send information about the situation of the threat to your loved ones by shaping the phone by the phone.

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