I can see these ads. Apple created an extraordinary video with the help of 32 XR iPhones

I can see these ads. Apple created an extraordinary video with the help of 32 XR iPhones
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We'll probably never know how this video was made and whether Apple actually using an iPhone. It is possible that the iPhone served only as a matrix, and the depth effect was provided by a real film lens projecting the image onto the iPhone lens. We have seen such undertakings in other productions.

Is this fair? Apple points out that it uses additional hardware in its ads, but such a deep interference in the image is a scam in my opinion. The average customer attracted by the image quality will never get similar results on his new iPhone. Unless he spends tens of thousands of dollars on film equipment. But then why dig with the equipment and adapt all elements to the iPhone? It's art for art's sake that makes sense from the point of view of the Apple supercorporation, but doesn't make sense from the perspective of the user.

The new Apple ad leaves no ambiguity. You will record such an image with your iPhone XR.

The new Apple ad was created using the iPhone XR, specifically 32 pieces of this smartphone. The shots were recorded without any tricks. The cameras were placed on a special rack to achieve the bullet time effect. The whole thing looks great.

I can see these ads. Apple has created amazing video with 32 XR iPhones

The advertisement uses the possibilities of the slow-motion mode recorded in 240 fps at Full HD resolution. The authors of the advertisement also created a behind-the-scenes video, in which you can see how the experimental, slightly psychedelic forms, shapes and textures that can be seen in the recording were created.

You can see here primarily a custom-made rig that is a rack for 32 iPhones. Each smartphone had to be calibrated, i.e. set in such a way that the lenses looked at the same point and the focus was set in the same place. The authors used a clever trick thanks to which smartphones do not see each other. The iPhones were simply tilted slightly upwards, thanks to which smartphones from the opposite direction did not catch in the frame.

Shots from all smartphones gave a lot of editing freedom. It was possible to get the effect of 360 degree movement around the flames and bursting water balloons. It looks beautiful.

I would like to see such commercials!

The creators approached the subject creatively, and at the same time showed the possibilities of the camera. They are very large, because the main module comes straight from the top iPhone XS. No specialized accessories were used in the recordings, which is praiseworthy. As you can see, you can record something phenomenal without resorting to tricks and understatements.

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