I have already traveled Toyota C-HR version 2.0.Is very good.Let's get weather

I have already traveled Toyota C-HR version 2.0.Is very good.Let's get weather

Jeśli dotąd C-HR nie robił na tobie wrażenia – nowy tego nie zmieni. Ale jeśli pożądałeś poprzedniego, tego będziesz chciał kupić.Już jeździłem Toyotą C-HR w wersji 2.0. Jest bardzo dobra. Z wyglądem się pogódźmy

Coupe High Rider is the most controversial Toyota of this decade.It is completely different than other brand models - at least conceptual and stylistically.Together with the GT86 was to reduce the average age of the Toyota customer from the introduction, it is still sold like evil - every year Europe absorbs OK.120 thousand.copies.Apparently, the Japanese themselves did not anticipate that he would achieve such a great success and surprised by him awaiting his colleagues from Europe detailed information, which exactly caused C-HR to conquer the market.Which shape, what embossing caused the car to shoot so well into the market.

Three years after the introduction to production, Toyota refreshes C-HR.

But it changes it very slightly - since it is really difficult to assess what made people love this car, it is better not to risk drastic changes.And basically with C-HR before and after the lifts it will be a bit like, not trying on, with the BMW 5 E39 Series Lifting from 2000.- you need to know what to look for to say if you have a copy before or polyfting.

Toyota C-HR after facelift-the biggest differences

If the car you meet on the street has a varnished lower part of the front bumper - this is a limit after facelift.If it has such a color that it is difficult to find at first glance or belt at the bottom is varnished (e.g..black or dark gray), look at the location of fog lights.If they are in the largest bumper hole - it's an older version.In the newer, they were moved into triangular indentations on the sides of the bumper, high, close to the headlights.The headlights themselves are also different - they were already made of LEDs in the base version.

It is even easier at the back, because the refreshed C-HR has LED lamps cut with horizontal and vertical lines and dynamic direction indicators.In addition, the edge of the trunk lid is a black belt connecting the rear lamps, and in the diffuser in the bumper, chrome accessories appeared.Not to be confused with the exhaust tips.

Toyota C-HR after lifting-a multimedia system

The legendary digital watch mounted in Toyotes since the dawn of time has disappeared.And physical buttons appeared around the touch screen.This is quite a surprising variety - they all reduce the number of buttons to a minimum, and Toyota adds 8 new ones and for more two more knobs.Honda has recently followed Civica.It is true that physical buttons duplicate with those on the screen, but they give a choice - you use what is more convenient for you.The manufacturer's representatives asked during the conference about the reason for this change said that it is more convenient so.It is great that the company had the courage to withdraw from early decisions when someone said that the total screening is not the best at all.

Toyota C-HR-Apple Carplay and Android Auto

As for the multimedia system itself - it was also refreshed, but most importantly - he finally supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto.Competitors are already introducing a wireless connection, but in Toyota it must be enough to connect via a USB socket.If someone does not need such extras - they can use the factory system with navigation maps updated for free for the first 3 years after buying a car.The update is performed by connecting the phone and downloading a package of new maps through it.

It's a bit surprising if we consider that even without connecting the phone, the car is connected to the network.By using the MySt application (to download on iPhone and Android smartphones) you can constantly observe where the car is, send the route for navigation, or prepare a report from recent journeys.The latter seems particularly useful when someone leads the so -called.a kilometer using a car in a business.But it is impossible to go beyond this range of use of the network - navigation data, which is not a Toyota own product, in this way we will not refresh.

You can use hybrid coaching thanks to my.

The computer analyzes the driving style of the driver, summarizes it and suggests what to improve to better use the electric part of the drive system.In addition, an element of gamification was invented - drivers receive points for the driving style and can compare their results.Great, I've always dreamed of it.

If we are already at the cabin - during the presentation it was found that it was more Premium Feel.

This is a clever mock.Non -foreign said, e.g..that from now on the materials are better.But they look better.So we have a new upholstery on armchairs with more emphasized side hold.A soft material with a three -dimensional texture appeared on the door bacon.The interior, at least in the front of the cabin, looks fresh and encouraging.There is still a shortage of a wireless charger, it is a pity that only one USB socket is planned in this whole technology, modern car.

It is nice that there are two places for cups, including one with a depth adjustment that allows you to match the cups in three sizes.This adjustment was arranged with a rubber insert, which is inserted in two ways or completely removed.

I consider it a big advantage to improve the silencing of the interior.More effective sealing of the doors and windows, additional rear wheel arches, foam in the posts and additional soundproofing under the dashboard had an effect.In my ear in C-HR-Z was felt firmly quieter.Not super -thread, but for this segment - very good.

The back is still dark and overwhelming.

Ie.It is as it was.It is not tight on the legs, but there is a lack of space for the head, and the narrow windows make it quite dark on the rear sofa.But 1) It would be difficult to improve this with a facelift, and 2) is a side effect of the original back of the body.When I was on buying last year and watched C-HR in the living room, it just decided that we didn't choose this car-the kids in the back were not too tight, but too dark.But probably what they drive with smartphones in their hands would be just right.

The trunk capacity has not changed either.It is still 377 liters, in this large part includes a storage space under the floor.And no, it has changed - in the version with a new hybrid system there was no battery space under the hood and moved to the trunk - this variant has 358 l capacity.

Toyota C-HR-new engine 2.0 hybrid

At the moment, electrified versions are selected by 75 percent.Polish clients, and next year there will be over 80 percent.Most will choose version 1.8 122 HP, but a large part will probably want to get into a stronger version that was missing so far.C-HR took over the system from his brother Lexus UX.Engine 2.0 has 152 hp of power, and the electric unit, drawing energy from the NI-MH battery-109 HP.In total, the system generates 184 km, and the e-CVT transmission transfers them to the front axle.Four -wheel drive was still left only for a gas model with engine 1.2.

Interesting fact: hybrid version with engine 1.8 has gained Li-Ion battery, which is lighter and reflects energy faster, which is supposed to increase the efficiency of the entire drive system.The whole car did not become lighter, because it has gained several elements of the equipment.In version 2.0 Older technology batteries were used, which are supposedly made according to the latest standards and are not worse at all.Instead, they are cheaper to produce, and with higher power of the whole team, losses resulting from additional kilos do not interfere with the use of the car.However, the manufacturer does not give the capacity or weight of any type of battery.He adds, however, that during use in the city the share of an electric drive can be up to 80 percent.This is due to frequent recharging batteries, e.g..during braking and efficient energy release.

Me 80 percent.failed.

I finished traveling on the jammed Lisbon with a score of 64 percent.and with an average consumption of 5.2 l/100 km.I admit that I did not try to go on a hybrid.C-HR I moved like any other car.I bet that Tymon would burn half a liter less.

I liked how efficiently he moved in electric mode and how often he went into it even outside the city.I happened to see the EV stamp on the fast route when the car slid down at a speed of 100-110 km/h.And he could move without a dumpling machine up to 120 km/h.

Toyota C-HR 2.0 hybrid – osiągi

It accelerates to a hundred in 8.4 s (1.8 in 11.2 s).For acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h, he is enough for 7.0 s (1.8 needs 2.8 s more).Dynamically accelerates, willingly overtakes, does not catch shortness of breath at highway speeds.When you press the right pedal deeply, the engine will overstate a little, but the pace at which it becomes the speed makes the sound not really troublesome.In principle, the noise was the most when I started to simulate the use of gears by switching the chest to a manual mode.Virtual runs have 6, but probably hardly anyone will ever use them.I guess that they could be useful to relieve the braking system during the exhausting driving in the mountains.

Hybrid C-HR suspension is very correct.

Of course, as much as the correct car can be.Version 2.0 has an optimized suspension, prepared for a higher mass of the car (C-HR with this drive weighs one and a half tons) does not tilt too much in corners, does not react nervously to gas intake in too quickly overcomed inn.Item behind the wheel, center of gravity and average side holding of the seats do not encourage you to look for the border, but nobody claims that this car has sports aspirations.And being at the seats - the driver's seat can be electrically controlled (unfortunately without the memory of the settings), and the passenger has gained height adjustment.

Another solution that I liked is the combination of parking sensors and transverse movement warning system with the braking system.When you go back the car, it stops from the obstacle.Of course, you can force it, e.g..Hugging to the wall or typically Italian pushing an obstacle, but there is no question of getting stared and holding the gas too long.I was less delighted with the car maintenance system in the lane, which is very reluctant to correct the driving track, even when the lines separating the straps are clearly visible.It buzzs, squeaks, gently unscrews the steering wheel, but allows you to cross the line.Holding your hands on the steering wheel, you do not feel support on his part, which provides the equivalent of this system, even in Honda Civic.There, it is enough to hold your hands on the steering wheel, and thanks to LKAS, the car on the highway is accumulating alone.Maybe I demand too much.

Will there be a plug-in version?

When I asked this question, I got a very evasive answer.I heard that Toyota announced the introduction of one plug-in for each subsequent year.In a moment in Los Angeles will show RAV4 with such a drive system, so the limit has been exhausted.But it has not been denyed that the C-HR plug-in may appear in the future.

Toyota C-HR-prices, i.e. whether it pays off

This has been elegantly calculated by Piotr Barycki recently, comparing C-HR with competition.It turned out that the most sensible specialist, i.e. the almost-thist C-HR selection version with a new drive system, costs PLN 133,900.So quite a lot.On the other hand, if we take into account that the average price of a new car in this segment is 110,000 in Poland.PLN, and the average price of C-HR purchased from us is even one thousand zlotys higher, this price ceases to be so unreally high.We get a great -looking car with a very nice drive, known for its durability and reliability.One that is stuffed with security systems, will park in parallel and perpendicularly, it will use little fuel and will not quickly lose value.

If you buy for cash (someone still does so?) And you are looking for the most reasonable way to spend such money, then you will probably find better suggestions, even equipped with an almost identical Corolla drive.However, if you use external financing and a monthly installment in the amount of PLN 1000-1200 does not deter you a deterrent, and you are looking for an interesting car that is enough to be practical, not hyper-practical, you are aware of its deficiencies, but you like it well and goodYou feel good in it - in my opinion you will be happy.Being today in a year ago after a ride this version of C-HR, I would probably wonder longer if it is so dark on this rear sofa.

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