I will tell you about the best new function in iOS 15. Impressions after 24 hours with the beta of the system

By Chrisfugiel

Losing and describing each of the new products in iOS 15 would be an impossible task, also due to a fairly initial stage of system development.This one has just hit the hands of developers, in July it will be able to test users and only in autumn it will be officially made available to all owners of iPhones from the 6S model up.Until then, a lot may change, other news may appear, and those implemented now may disappear.So let's not attach to everything that I mention here, because the appearance of some elements or shortcomings will probably be improved.But there are a few things that just delighted me now.

To cię zainteresuje macos 5, 10 and 20 years ago.How did the Apple system change?Aplikacje na iOS jednak śledzą użytkowników mimo zmian zasad prywatności

Focus is for me the most useful function in iOS 15

They include a new notification system on which you can finally control.He has tried this Android many times and although in the latest version it gives a lot of opportunities to personalize notification, so iOS 15 provides me exactly what I expected.In addition to the mode, do not disturb, which silenced all notifications except those from the indicated contacts, there will be several others at our disposal, which can be adapted according to your own needs.I will try to illustrate it by describing two modes that I already use.

iOS 15 and iPados 15 presented.Here are all the most important news

The first of them is "free time", or moments when I do not want to be bombarded with notifications, so I only added messages and phone applications to the white list so that everyone can reach me or write a SMS.In this way, I bring the iPhone to the role of an ordinary phone, because we use these communication methods primarily in critical situations.The second mode is "work" and this time I allowed notifications from such applications as: Gmail, Slack, Trello, Microsoft to and Google calendar so that I would not miss the most important information about current duties.

In iOS 15 you can finally control notifications

Perhaps one more mode will develop over the next weeks, in which I allow general notifications from messengers (I would remain available to friends), but I will turn off all others.Thanks to the new settings, we have complete freedom in creating mode profiles, and white contact lists or application are not everything we can personalize, because you can also decide whether they will reach (regardless of other settings) urgent notifications, e.g..About a package ready for pickup or detected traffic from a webcam in our home connected by Homekit.

Czytaj dalej poniżej

Opowiem wam o najlepszej nowej funkcji w iOS 15. Wrażenia po 24 godzinach z betą systemu

For ISSAGE users, it will be useful to inform others about excluded notifications, so they will know why we do not react to the message, and the hit over the hits is the ability to personalize the system of application icons and widgets on active mode, thanks to which we will create mini ecosystems for work or spending free time,without tempting us next to us for something else.

macos 5, 10 and 20 years ago.How did the Apple system change?

In a given mode, you can also hide notification plaques, which for people striving to zero overdue notifications in all applications will be extremely helpful.The icing on the cake are options for planning activation and disabling the selected mode.This may happen at a specific time (e.g..an hour from the moment of manual activation or to the end of a given day), and also until you leave a specific location.

A lot of important details make notifications never disturb me again

It may seem that the scenarios described above are like sucked out of the finger, but along with our growing dependence on smartphones/applications/services, our level of commitment and internal need for notifications increases..If we get more than the average smartphone user, new modes will be a godsend for many iPhone owners.

We test the spatial sound from Dolby Atmos in Apple Music.Does the future sound?

After 24 hours with iOS 15 I appreciated these settings so much that I do not intend to give up the system's beta until the autumn premiere.Yes, adapting all settings to your needs will take a long time, but the effects are felt immediately.The hour spent reading the book passed very quickly, I did not miss any important notification, and the less important ones were waiting for me on the lock screen in the form of a summary.

iOS 15 is facelift that could be called iOS 14.7

iOS 15 is not only a change in the rules of operation and the redesign of notifications, but also a new Safari interface, where the address bar was moved to the bottom of the screen and the possibility of switching between cards with a horizontal gesture just performed on the address bar has been added (thank you competition for this idea).For iMessage users, the wonderful news will be arranging in a pile of several sent photos, instead of displaying them one under the other.

Only Apple can be a corporation offering all services

Unfortunately, the rest of the novelties do not affect the use of the iPhone so much - if it was so, after 24 hours I would notice it.Other news is either barely noticeable, or you need to know about them to start using them.It is a pity that Live Text (text recognition in the pictures along with copying) supports only 7 languages and there is no Polish on this list.The next weeks and months are the time of iOS 15 testing, because as I mentioned, there may be larger or smaller changes, and we will definitely inform you about them.

Is it worth uploading iOS 15 today?

Is it worth uploading Beta iOS 15 now?I think that this decision should be stopped if you can't do it on a spare device.iOS 15 does not violate the foundations of the system, so even the first developer beta turns out to be extremely stable and efficient edition (I tested the iPhone X), but it is still beta.When there are problems, returning to iOS 14 can be too time consuming, and hardly anyone can afford to have a malfunctioning smartphone today, especially if the problems arise when we are outside the home.