I wonder what Apple will do.He will have to try not to buy the cheapest iPhone 14

I wonder what Apple will do.He will have to try not to buy the cheapest iPhone 14

Innymi słowy — Apple zwykł zachęcać relatywnie niskimi cenami produktów, ale troszczyć się o to, by konsumenci woleli dopłacić do tańszej wersji.

For many years, the cheapest iPhones simply had little mass storage.Often so little that with a handful of installed applications and photos taken, the challenge was updating the software.The higher memory version is several hundred zlotys up, but most customers decided to pay an additional payment.

iPhone 13, however, this problem does not apply to.This even in the cheapest version has quite a reasonable 128 GB, which does not require special limitation.

Apple, however, has a different ace in his sleeve - iPhone mini.Even before the premiere of the smaller version, all available data indicated that the demand for small smartphones is minimal. I — zgodnie z oczekiwaniami - iPhone 12 mini sprzedawał się fatalnie.And yet he has a direct successor.

Why?Because a small screen plays the same role as a small amount of memory once.Apple knows that you can tempt the client with the slogan "iPhone 13 from 3599 PLN", but before throwing the product in the basket, most will prefer to pay extra to a larger screen.And this is as much as PLN 600 more.

iPhone 14 will probably require a different sales strategy

Ciekawi mnie, co zrobi Apple. Będzie musiał się postarać, byś nie kupił najtańszego iPhone'a 14

All signs in heaven and earth indicate that there will be no new mini model.Both iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are to be available in versions 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

The perception of memory is unlikely to pass.Since the iPhone 13 has 128 GB, the return to 64 GB is gone.

6.1-inch iPhone 14 with 128 GB seems to be too attractive for Apple.I am convinced that the company will take care of that no one wants such a variant.Just as?Only the Tim Cook team knows.

It is possible that the cheapest iPhone 14 will be ... visually disfigured

Numerous leaks indicate that the iPhone 14 Pro will be armed with a screen without an indentation.The selfie camera is to survive placed in a small hole, and the Sensors Face ID hidden under the display.

Tylko — no właśnie — taki ma być iPhone 14 Pro.It is possible that the basic variant will get a panel with an unsightly indentation, and thus in the eyes of many customers will become unattractive.

Remember that a large group of iPhone buyers are people who change from Android smartphones.Next year, consumers will massively exchange models like Galaxy S10/S20 or Xiaomi Mi 9/Mi 10.For them, a switching to the phone disfigured with a large indentation would be a recourse, so they can pay extra to the more expensive version only because of the screen.

Either way, I am convinced that Apple will make sure you don't buy the cheapest iPhone 14.The only question of how.

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