iOS 15 allows you to put many copies of the same application

By Chrisfugiel

Może to po prostu wyglądać jak zabawny błąd, ale w rzeczywistości jest to zamierzone działanie. Powodem, dla którego Apple pozwala teraz zorganizować wiele kopii tej samej aplikacji jest najnowsza funkcja iOS 15 - Focus.iOS 15 pozwala umieścić wiele kopii tej samej aplikacji

From Focus, users can disable the pages of the main screen depending on which "focus mode" is currently enabled.So, you can set different modes for work and relaxation.For example, in work mode you can hide pages where all social applications or games are found so as not to distract your attention.Remembering this, you may want applications to be available in many contexts.This means that you want to have the same application icons available on many pages.

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— Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) June 8, 2021

How to do it?To create a copy of the application, you must use the drag and drop method.

One of the ways to do this is the application library.Having an application already placed on the main screen, go to the application library, find the same application, press on it and hold.Then it can be placed on the main screen, and the existing icon will not be removed.

iOS 15 also allows you to drag and drop applications in Spotlight search engine.So you can skip the application library and search the application directly, then drag it from Spotlight and place where you want.

The process of dragging and dropping can be repeated as many times as you want to get an unlimited number of copies of the same application icon that can be placed on different main screens, and even on the same main screen many times.

iOS 15 is currently in the beta phase for developers and will be available to all customers in autumn.If you don't want to wait, use our iOS 15/iPados 15 installation guide.

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