iOS 16 must have these features - which smartphones will receive the update?

By Chrisfugiel

After receiving a major release in the form of iOS 15, the iPhone 13 series, we are currently in the process of minor updates that bring minor improvements. It's exactly about the new iOS 15.2 and the upcoming iOS 15.3. That doesn't stop us from thinking about what could be in the next version of the system, which we expect will be called iOS 16. Each software release for smartphones included an important novelty, whether it was widgets or a dark mode. . Here are the features I'd like to see in iOS 16 next year. See also below which smartphones will be supported.

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iOS 16 must have these features

The camera

The iPhone camera has undergone tremendous improvements in recent years. It received more lenses and introduced features such as a night mode and a cinema mode. However, this meant that the camera app became unreadable. It takes more swipes to access flash settings or change exposure, as well as changes to hidden gestures.

With the upcoming release of iOS 15.2, we'll also soon see a new macro button that will help you position these items more precisely when you need to. However, this only applies to the iPhone 13 series. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to assume that Apple has bigger plans for cameras on future iPhone models, which will also mean new features that we'll be turning on and off as needed. We need to get a redesigned application that will take into account the errors of the previous one and will be prepared for new modes.

Quick Notes on iPhone

This is a feature that appeared in iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey. We can swipe from the bottom right corner and quickly create a note, no matter what we do on our device and what application we have open. There are a lot of gestures we can make on the iPhone, so it doesn't hurt to add one more. Swiping in from the bottom right corner will display a note that we can quickly add and save for later.

Home app widgets

Widgets have been modernized in iOS 14, along with the ability to place them anywhere on the home screen. However, some other apps didn't get their own widgets to help reduce some steps. One glaring example is the Home app.

You can have a set of smart bulbs in your home where you use applications to manage them. But if you want to turn on the light quickly, you may experience a delay if you ask Siri or if the app isn't responding, which is often the case. Having a home screen widget for smart lights can really help shorten the steps of quickly turning on a lamp in your bedroom, rather than having to search for the Home app.

An app for Apple accessories

If you have one of Apple's peripherals like AirPods or AirTag, trying to manage each of them can be very confusing. AirPods settings are only available over Bluetooth from the Settings app, while AirTags settings are available in the Find app.

Being able to manage them through your new app can resolve many misconceptions about what you have from Apple.

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iPhones supported by iOS 16

iOS 15 supports at least the iPhone 6S, which was released in 2015. Early leaks suggest the iPhone 6S (along with the 6S Plus and the original iPhone SE) won't get iOS 16, but everything from iPhone 7 and up will.

It certainly wouldn't be an abuse to wait for at least iOS 16 support for the iPhone 7 series, but with some features possibly stalled, mostly due to camera or processor hardware limitations.

Source: Techradar