iPad Pro 11 ”- take it out of the box and first impressions

By Chrisfugiel

A few of you asked me yesterday why I replaced my iPad 10.5 "with an 11-inch model, if I criticize Apple's pricing policy so much. First, you can criticize something and buy it regardless. Second, for this very reason I opted for the 64 GB model instead of the 256. Third, this will likely be my last iPad until iOS undergoes major changes to harness the power that the A12X delivers. The problem is that the iPad allows me to do 90% of my daily tasks and it has been like that for many years - now I'm waiting for that to change.  iPad Pro 11” – wyjmujemy z pudełka i pierwsze wrażenia

We take it out of the box

Dominik has already published his unboxing, but if I write down my impressions and took pictures, why not ...

Inside is standard - an iPad in foil, paperwork with Apple stickers (I did not check their color), a charger and a cable for it.

This is the first new charger for iPad for a few years, with more power 18 W, equipped with a USB-C connector and a suitable cable.

The USB-C cable is thinner than the ones in MacBooks and, like them, is of the USB 2.0 type, so it should rather only be used for charging. A cable supporting data transfer, supporting the USB 3.1 standard, can be purchased on your own.

I will tell you right away that many years ago I purchased a 29W power supply, designed for a 12 ″ MacBook, because the iPad Pro can use its additional power and I use this charger - I did not even take the 18 out of the box. Faster charging is especially important for the iPad Pro 12.9 ″, which has a larger battery, but the 10.5 and 11-inch models can also benefit from this. I did not unpack the USB-C cable either, because it is of the short type, so I have to go to the store today to get a longer one. Interestingly, Apple offers 1 m and 2 m models for the same price of PLN 99. There are probably cheaper replacements, but taking into account the trouble with the USB-C cable markings and my reluctance to wait for its delivery, I will take the company model.

First impressions

iPad Pro 11 ″ for the first time ever has a screen aspect ratio other than 4: 3.

iPad Pro 10.5 ″ iPad Pro 11 ″ iPad Pro 12.9 ″
Resolution 2224 × 1668 px 2388 × 1668 px 2732 × 2048 px
Proportions 4: 3 4.29: 3 4: 3

In short, it means that the iPad Pro 11 ″ received a screen 164 px wider or higher, depending on whether you are looking at it in a horizontal or vertical position, respectively.

The 164 px also means that if the application has not been optimized for the new screen, black bars will appear at the top and bottom, each 82 px (41 pt) high. In practice, taking into account the black front of the iPad and the fact that the lower part is filled with a gestures bar, and the upper part has a status bar, it looks very elegant. This is the first time in the history of iPhones and iPads where mismatched applications look exemplary. But only in the vertical position, because horizontally it starts to get much less interesting. Fortunately, the developers are quick to respond and program updates are coming on a regular basis, so I expect things to normalize in a month's time. Apart from Google applications, because the company needs an average of 12 months to react to changes in iOS.

Unfortunately, I don't like the new keyboard, which now looks more like the on-screen 12.9 ″ iPad. On the left side there are Tab and Caps Lock buttons, which make the keys with letters smaller, which in turn makes typing with thumbs less comfortable. In addition, I will add that Caps Lock and Tab are completely unnecessary for me.

iPad Pro 10.5 ″ on the left, iPad Pro 11 ″ on the right

Many people are interested in the option of connecting an external monitor to the new iPad Pro. Well, as you can see in the image above, this feature works. Unfortunately, keep in mind that iOS itself mirrors itself by default, and if you don't have a 4: 3 or 4.29: 3 monitor (12.9 ″ and 11 ″ respectively) then you will have black stripes on the sides. There are, however, applications that can use external monitors, such as iMovie, to preview the folded material (above) or Netflix to watch movies (below).

Interesting facts:

I did not decide to buy a Smart Keyboard Folio for my iPad, because it costs over PLN 800 and I consider it an extreme exaggeration on the part of Apple. Perhaps I will buy it in the future, but for my work style it is not necessary, especially since I already have a keyboard - the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I do not have a 2nd generation pencil yet, but maybe I will buy it for the Christmas tree. I emphasize that the 1st generation Pencil does not work with the new iPad Pro and vice versa.

I opted for the Space Gray model, despite the declaration that I would use the silver one, for a simple reason - this particular model was in stock. Unfortunately, the availability of new iPads Pro for resellers and even from Apple itself is uninteresting, so you really have to wait 1-2 weeks for deliveries to Poland, depending on the seller. The only significant disadvantage of the darker color is the fingerprints, as seen in the photo above.

I have already seen complaints that the frames around the screen are too thick ... From my point of view, they are primarily symmetrical, which adds a lot of charm to the iPad. Added to this is the fact that it is more comfortable to hold it with one hand than the 10.5 ″ model, on which I happened to touch the screen with my thumb accidentally. I am very much "yes". Aha - the roundings were made perfectly.

Unfortunately, the camera sticks out, spoiling the flatness of the back a bit, but it does not bother me in everyday use, especially since I never use the iPad on a flat surface - I feel sorry for my spine.

Face ID works perfectly and I will even risk saying that it is much better than in iPhones, because it recognizes me without problems even in the bright sun, where the iPhone X and XS sometimes get lost. If we cover the TrueDepth camera with our hand, appropriate information appears on the screen.

I especially love the Tap to Wake feature, known from the iPhone X, XS and XS Max - just tap the screen to wake it up. I missed it a lot in the 10.5 ″ model.

#ProTip - If you have a keyboard connected, double-tapping the Space key will highlight the screen, and then the screen is unlocked by Face ID.

Advantages and disadvantages of USB-C:

What I would like to see in the future:

Lastly, I left the question of why I opted for the 11-inch model and not the bigger brother. There are several reasons:

Initially, I am delighted with the new iPad and even Space Gray does not bother me - it looks very good in this dark suit. I could not ignore the fact that the housing is now much thinner, which makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand, but it is a pity that the Cupertino company did not manage to slim it down, because even 50 grams less would make a difference. I was afraid that the "square" design of the housing would stick in my hand unpleasantly, but it is not so - the ergonomics have been preserved.

I'll probably prepare a full iPad Pro review for the next iMagazine issue.