iPhone 13 with a 120 Hz screen almost certain. However, there is a catch

iPhone 13 with a 120 Hz screen almost certain. However, there is a catch

Numerous leaks indicated that the ProMotion screen with a higher refresh rate would go to the iPhone 12. Ultimately, however, this did not happen, as Apple was to give up this idea due to willingness to reduce production costs too high power consumption combined with 5G connectivity.

Apple was supposed to finally deal with the problems, but in separating its best panels it is unlikely to be too generous.

120Hz screens to be reserved for iPhone 13 Pro

The South Korean website The Elec reports that Samsung and LG are just starting to produce screens for this year's iPhone 13 series. The published report shows that Apple will introduce to its offer:

Samsung is to be the sole supplier of variable refresh rate LTPO displays.

iPhone 13 with 120Hz screen almost sure However, there is a catch

These — when confirmed — may be disappointing to many. Samsung used high-hertz screens in all smartphones from the Galaxy S line from 2020 and 2021, as well as in some of this year's models from the Galaxy A line. Xiaomi even packed a 120-hertz OLED into the Redmi Note 10 Pro, which costs PLN 1299.

It is true that the competition also reserves energy-saving LTPO matrices for the most expensive models, but the high refresh rate itself has ceased to be a distinguishing feature of the premium segment. Apparently not at Apple.

This could mean that only the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will have Always On Display mode

It has long been rumored that Apple will implement a long-awaited feature this year that allows you to display the time and notifications on blank screen. However, the giant will probably want to justify the delay by wanting to use the energy-saving properties of LTPO panels with variable display frequency.

In other words — It's unlikely that Always On Display will make it to the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. Thus, the hardware and functional differences from the Pro variants will probably be even greater than last year.

iPhone 13 at least should not be delayed, however

Korean media point out that the production of screens started a month earlier than in the case of iPhone 12. This — as we know& ;hairsp;—  skidded and went on sale only in October.

So it looks like this year won't be the same and the new generation of iPhone will hit store shelves in accordance with the old tradition —  in September.

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