iPhone 13 with release date. Apple invites you to "California Streaming"

iPhone 13 with release date. Apple invites you to "California Streaming"

Apple has published an invitation to the conference "California streaming", which will take place on September 14 at 19.00. At a virtual event that will be streamed online, the Cuperitno-based company will showcase the latestiPhone 13and theApple Watch Series 7.

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The password of the conference can be both a reference to the event formula itself (online streaming) and to the Apple TV+ service developed by Apple. Perhaps the American company will announce some important news related to its sVOD service.

iPhone 13 is around the corner. It may be extra expensive this year. Here's everything we know about him

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The premiere of the iPhone 13. What can we expect?

The iPhone 13 - like last year - will be available for sale in four variants. They will be:

iPhone 13 with release date. Apple invites you on

New iPhones to see only minor design changes - the island with main cameras will be moved on the backs of smartphones. The notch is also to be slightly reduced, but you should not expect the indentation in the upper edge of the screen to disappear completely.

The issue of the new display looks more interesting. Apple will equip the iPhone 13 with a 120 Hz screen ProMotion, although this change only applies to the Pro version - cheaper models are to use a 60 Hz panel.

The heart of the iPhone 13 will be the new Apple A15 chip. There is no doubt that it will again be the most efficient mobile processor on the market, which will turn out to be 30-40 percent faster than its predecessor.

It is possible that the new iPhones will offer support for 25W chargers (for the iPhone 12 it was a maximum of 20W). There have also been reports of chargeback technology, but it seems that we will not see this feature this year.

Render of the iPhone 13 photo: LETSGODIGITAL

The lenses in the new iPhones are to have larger matrices, which can already be seen in the renderings presenting the camera island. The lenses are also supposed to be brighter. In the case of the main camera, we can expect light f/1.6, and in the case of the wide-angle lens - f./ 1.8. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the latter change will only appear on the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

There's a lot of talk about what's new in video. All iPhones are to receive optical stabilization for video recording (VCN), which in 2020 was only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There will also be the possibility of recording in ProRes format and the function of blurring the background (Cinematic Video).

Apple has accustomed us to the fact that (almost) every year it raises the price of new iPhones. Unfortunately, this year's increases may turn out to be extremely salty. DigiTimes reports that Apple plans to recoup the costs it incurs from rising chip prices on customers.

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