iPhone 14 max instead of iPhone 14 mini?It's possible!

iPhone 14 max instead of iPhone 14 mini?It's possible!

What everyone has expected for a long time can finally become a reality.Next year we will probably say goodbye to the smallest iPhones, which were called Mini every year.

Apple does not intend to reduce the number of devices available next year.We will still receive four different models.Instead of the iPhone 14 mini, however, we will receive...iPhone 14 max.

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If the naming of the next year's Family of Apple smartphones begins to be slowly burdensome, we are in a hurry to explain.In 2022, Apple intends to release the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.The Cupertino giant plans to create two smartphones with a 6.1 -inch screen and two with a 6.7 -inch display.This information was recently provided by Jon Prosser, but other analysts also spoke in a similar tone: Kuo Ming-Chi and Mark Gurman.It is true that everyone also agreed that this year's Apple Watch Series 7 are to be a completely new construction, which ultimately turned out to be not true, but they are still reliable journalists, whose predictions in most cases coincide with reality.

Gurman also expects next year's smartphones to receive a completely new look.Even before the premiere of the iPhone 13, the first graphics appeared on the network, which depicted the flagship variant of iPhone 14 Pro Max.On the graphics presented, we could see a smartphone that does not have a protruding island with cameras, and its three lenses were placed directly in the device.Apple is also to give up the characteristic notch, and place the front camera in the cut in the screen.

iPhone 14 Max zamiast iPhone 14 mini? To możliwe!

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