iPhone - how to avoid typical mistakes that everyone makes?

iPhone - how to avoid typical mistakes that everyone makes?

iPhone pracuje pod kontrolą systemu operacyjnego iOS. Jest to niezwykle intuicyjne i przyjazne w obsłudze oprogramowanie. Nie zmienia to jednak faktu, że nadal korzystając z tego urządzenia popełniamy mnóstwo błędów, a czasami nie zdajemy sobie sprawy z możliwości naszego smartfona. Dodatkowo często zdarza się, że niektóre funkcje można wywołać znacznie szybciej, a my wykonujemy je "na okrągło".iPhone - jak unikać typowych błędów, które popełniają wszyscy?

In today's material, we show the ten most common errors made by iPhone users.We also present how to avoid them and what to do to optimally use your device.

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1.Not using the medical card

The smartphone is a device that we have with us almost 24h/7.This is what Apple added a medical card to the iPhone some time ago.This element will be useful in the event of any accidents.We can save our medical data on a mobile phone.In an emergency, rescuers can cause a medical card from the lock screen and learn about our age, allergies, medications taken, weight, height, sensitization and diseases.

This is an extremely important element that can literally save our lives.The medical card also includes contact details to the people we choose who are to be notified in emergency situations (ICE - in case of emergency).

In the medical card, we can also register as potential organs.

We will configure the medical card in the health application.Just click on the profile icon and select a medical card.

2.Using a short PIN code

We already know that the smartphone is the most personal electronic device we use.So why do iPhone owners treat their smartphone after carelessly?iPhone allows you to unlock using Touch ID or Face ID.Regardless of biometric verification, we must define the PIN code.We use it when starting the device and if a fingerprint reader or face scanner is not available.

Unfortunately, some of the iPhone X users and newer models from the Face ID in the Covid-19 pandemic era resigned from using the PIN and Face ID code to conveniently access their smartphone when wearing the mask.This is a very irresponsible decision.

Apple allows you to define a four -digit PIN code.This is the default option.However, it is better to use your own combination of any length.It is also worth noting the requirement of the PIN code immediately after blocking the device.

3.Taking photos in old and inefficient formats

Since the launch of iOS 11 in 2017, Apple allows the use of modern file formats.I am talking about heic in the case of photos and heif in the case of movies.These solutions are replaced by old JPG/JPEG photos and videos.H264.

New files types take up less space and allow you to take photos in the above quality.Unfortunately, despite the measurable benefits of solving this use of few iPhone users.

Aby aktywować nowe formaty plików przejdź do Ustawienia > Aparat > Formaty i zaznacz High Efficiency.You will quickly notice that the number of the available place decreases much slower.

4.Turning off the device instead of using the mode do not disturb

Many iPhone users tend to turn off their device at meetings or in key moments when we don't want the phone to disturb us.It is a much better solution to turn on the mode, do not disturb.iPhone does not make sounds then and rejects notifications.Why is this better solution than the total switching off the phone?At the time when we accidentally lose our iPhone, we will not have a problem finding it using the Find My (locator) solution.

On the other hand, when you go on vacation and plan to leave your phone at home better charge the battery and turn it off.

5.Installing anti -virus applications from the App Store

This mistake is especially made by people who previously used Android, but also experienced iPhone users sometimes install antivirus applications with the App Store.In practice, these programs do not protect the device.iOS is a closed operating system with low personalization capabilities (compared to Android).However, this translates into much higher safety.Apple does not allow you to install applications outside the App Store and download files directly to the device.

Antivirus applications from the App Store are unnecessary.They cost a lot of money, and basically only waste space and affect the faster battery discharge.

6.Forgetting about backups

When was the last time you made a backup of your iPhone?Unfortunately, the answer probably never sounds.This is a big mistake.At the time of the device's failure, your data will be lost.

iPhone allows you to make local backups on a MacOS or Windows computer (ITunes required).In addition, the most important data and backups can be stored in the iCloud network disk.Apple offers attractive tariff plans that will not ruin our budget, but will allow you to access our data from anywhere in the world on any device.

7.Subscribing to too many services

Currently, most applications in the App Store are available, but at the same time more and more programs and games are operating in the subscription model.They encourage you to place monthly fees in exchange for access.Unfortunately, some users fall into a subscription loop and pay with programs and games that they do not use.

Have you lost the number in the amount of your subscriptions?Open the settings and go to your profile.You will find the Subscriptions tab there.

8.Bad memory management

The base models of the iPhone still have only 64 GB of built -in mass storage.In addition, no Apple smartphone supports memory expansion.Let's add bad users' habits, and it quickly turns out that they complain about the shortages of free disk space.

In the settings you will find a exact chart with the memory use report now the date of the last opening of the given application.It is a good idea to get rid of unused programs.You will gain space and longer battery life.

9.Not using the latest privacy options

iOS 14.5 introduced the APP Transparency function.This solution prevents the user from tracking by popular applications and social media.This is a great feature, but a small number of users still use it.

W celu uniemożliwienia śledzenia przez aplikacje najeży przejść do Ustawienia > Prywatność > Śledzenie i odznaczyć opcję Pozwalaj aplikacjom żądać możliwości śledzenia.

10.Saving on accessories

Many users buy an iPhone and save on accessories.This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.Uncertified Lightning cables do not offer fast charging, have a problem with data transfer and do not allow us to use Apple CarPlay.The situation is similar with adapters.With an iPhone, it is better to buy certified accessories.Remember - they don't have to be Apple devices, but it's worth choosing products of reputable manufacturers.

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