Did you record iPhone calls? You may have a big problem!

By Chrisfugiel

The iOS operating system itself does not have a call recording tool, but we can use third-party applications. One of them is Call Recorder. This is a simple program for recording phone calls. It turns out that the software has a bug that seriously violates users' privacy. In fact, the Call Recorder application allows you to listen to recorded calls by third parties.

The bug has been criticized by Anad Prakash of PingSafe AI. It turns out that the vulnerability allows you to replace the number that was initially registered in the application with any other phone number. As a result, it is possible to access previously registered connections.

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Fortunately, the bug has now been fixed. The vulnerability was discovered on February 27, 2021. The company behind the Call Recorder application released an update on March 6, 2021. Until its release, the vulnerability had not been reported to prevent possible data leaks.

If you are using the Call Recoerder application, be sure to go to the App Store and check if the program has been updated. Versions earlier than 2.26 are vulnerable.

Also remember that in selected countries, call recording is prohibited and the caller should be informed about the recording before the call begins.

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