Natec RaccoonCosmetics for your iPhone and MacBook Natec Raccoon |Cosmetics for your iPhone and MacBook

Natec RaccoonCosmetics for your iPhone and MacBook Natec Raccoon |Cosmetics for your iPhone and MacBook

Do recenzji otrzymałem zestaw kosmetyków marki NANDTEC Raccoon. Są to specjalne płyn, ściereczki oraz dedykowane czyściki, dzięki którym nie tylko doprowadzimy nasz komputer, telefon czy tablet do czystości, ale również sprawimy, że będzie wyglądał na świeższy i mniej zużyty.NANDTEC Raccoon | Kosmetyki dla Twojego iPhone’a i Macbooka NANDTEC Raccoon | Kosmetyki dla Twojego iPhone’a i Macbooka

Portable devices that we use today cost up to several thousand zlotys.No wonder that we are more and more attached to caring for them, not only preserving, but also cultivating the surfaces of their housings or cleaning the spaces between moving elements.Ports, keys, glass screens - these elements get dirty by dust.Left alone, they fail, make it difficult to work or just look not nice.The NANDTEC brand encourages to take care of its devices, which has created its cosmetics line for Natec Racoonn devices.


Such an inscription welcomes us on the packaging of every cosmetic product for electronics from the new NANDTEC line.I received several test products for review.ANDmong them, popular compressed air, commonly used in service points during computer equipment maintenance, but also dedicated liquids for cleaning surfaces or glass screens and matrices.

NANDTEC RANDCCOON 2in1 Cleaning Wipes

These are cleaning wipes for glass screens.Perfect for degreasing polishing and polishing in tablets or smartphones.

The effect after cleaning is thundering.The phone looks like new.The tablet screen shines like a mirror.

The package contains 50 cleaning sets.The cleaning set, however, consists of two connected but separated cleaners.

Clean number 1 is soaked in an active substance that dissolves dirt and removes fatty fingerprints.

The entire surface should be wiped, and then cleaned with a cleaner 2, remove any excess fluid or streaks.


In a plastic can we will find strongly soaked fabric wipes.Very soft material and a cleaning agent without alcohol, safe for plastics and anti -refinex and anti -reflective coatings.

It works very well when maintaining the surface of computers, keyboards, mice and other accessories.

The fabric does not crumble like, for example, a paper towel or other cleaners of this type, thanks to which it is easy to clean uneven surfaces, such as keyboards.

Despite the lack of alcohol in the cleaning substance, the cloth copes very well with cleaning greasy fingers on the keys and other dirt, at the same time it leaves no traces of traces quickly evaporating.

In the can we will find as many as 100 strongly soaked cleaning wipes.AND closed can with a convenient pulling tissue facilitates the use of the product.


AND can with compressed air.Basic tool in the fight against dust in hard -to -reach spaces - under the keyboard keys, in ports and sockets, casing gaps.The can contains 600 ml of compressed gas.When using, it is very important to hold the can vertically, do not tilt.Otherwise, a liquid gas leak may occur.This can lead to an electronic components failure.

The set includes a long tube that facilitates air distribution without tilting the can.

This allows you to safely use the gas pressure, without fear of a possible failure.


ANDn interesting set that contains a universal electronics cleaning liquid with a microfiber cloth, which can be hidden under the cap with fluid packaging.

Due to the fact that the liquid does not contain not only alcohol, but also ammonium substances, it is completely safe for plastics, including computer matrices, TV, tablet, telephone or smartwatch screens.

With this liquid, you can clean and refresh any surface of used electronics, and a pleasant soft cloth collects pollution very well, leaving no dirt, pollen and others.

Universal set that you should have.


Handy screen cleaner that you can have with you in your purse or backpack.Contains 15 ml of cleaning liquid glass surfaces.

It allows you to remove fingerprints and other dirt on the surfaces of mobile phone screens or tablets.It does not contain alcohol, so it is completely safe for the surface of the housings, even if they are made of plastic.

Importantly, it does not require carrying an additional cloth behind it, because the fluid packaging itself is a cloth.

Just spray the screen surface and then wipe the screen with packaging.Comfortable and ingenious.

NANDTEC Raccoon set!The distributor, Impakt S made available to the review.AND

NANDTEC Raccoon | Kosmetyki dla Twojego iPhone’a i Macbooka

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