New chromecasty (audio and video) - was it worth buying, and if not Chromecast, then what?

New chromecasty (audio and video) - was it worth buying, and if not Chromecast, then what?
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Miracast allows virtually everything that a wired connection.It is duplication, cloning or expanding the phone desktop.And it is almost every mobile or stationary device on the market.Miracast is in line with Windows, Android and what we only want except for the Apple ecosystem.And it is equally simple, if not simpler to use.And in addition, more and more TVs and other devices have a built -in solution, so even a "dumpiel" may be unnecessary over time.

Chromecast is very cool for people who prefer to count every penny issued.It is cheap and works without any problems.However, for people who want to spend more, Miracast will be a much better choice.Due to compliance, ease of use and possibilities.

[Grabiec] Like Maciek, I will speak as a person who does not have a Chromecast and do not intend.I also chose a different, more expensive solution, but it is not Miracast, and Apple TV and the Airport router - which considering the whole bucket of apples at my home is not a surprise.

Both equipment, thanks to compliance with AirPlay, perform similar functions for me as the new Chromecast Video and Chromecast Audio.I connected Apple TV to the TV and stream to it video from iTunes - both from a private library and from the VOD service, which provides me with full HD quality without any delays.

Thanks to Apple TV, we can send video materials from all our devices to the TV at home - iPhones, iPads and poppies.I obtain access to the video library from the interface on the TV, and I can use a remote control, phone, and even...watch.

On Apple TV, I can clone a screen image or send only video materials there by using the device.I connected homemade speakers directly to the Airport router and I can send a whole audio signal to them - and not only from selected applications.

So do I consider chromecasty as unnecessary devices?Not at all, it's great equipment for funny money.These are cool gadgets that will work for people using Android and Chrome browsers.I just don't belong to these both groups.

[Barycki] Everything cool, only nobody took the biggest advantage of Chromecast (especially audio), i.e..Prices, in practical terms.

PALLO LOCH SHOCHERSTA VIDEO - a TV usually at home we have one, so we will spend PLN 100 or PLN 300 on the "adapter", in a long time it does not matter.

However, the difference appears with the playing equipment.

Sure, if one device (telephone/set of speakers) to connect, we can choose Miracastia, Airports and other - more expensive and usually better - solutions.But what if we have a few rooms to "drive" at home?When we have, for example.Speakers/equipment playing in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and studio?Good luck with buying Airporta for each of them.And it's not about counting every penny, but just common sense...financial.

Sure, there are various types of airplay adapters, but you can't buy them, for example.Officially, directly from Apple, and those that you can buy in Poland, usually shouting so terribly "China!".

Nowe Chromecasty (audio i wideo) - czy warto było kupić, a jeśli nie Chromecast, to co?

Although you can replace the equipment that plays the support for AirPlay or other wireless communication standard, but does it make any sense if our existing equipment is playing well?Absolutely not.

And so, if we have one TV and one set of speakers at home, we can exalt Miracasta, AirPlaya or other, similarly advanced and extensive solutions.But if we have more of these devices, much more, then despite their limitations Chromecast (especially audio) seems to be unrivaled.

[Kotkowski] I agree with Piotr.I cannot comment on Chromecast for TVs, because for many years I have not been consciously did not have a TV, but Chromecast Audio wins with this aspect with any other solution - the price at a practical approach.

With several rooms where we want to hear music, we don't have to resort to expensive solutions, e.g..Sonosa, but use old/much cheaper equipment playing in combination with small adapters from Google.The more that from the Chromecast application we can easily switch between them, and each of the household can connect with them.

Yes, there is a matter of limiting the platform - Chromecast Audio really supports a handful of applications, and only from the level of mobile devices with iOS and Android.For most people, however, it will be sufficient, especially since the ecosystem of these applications is still growing.At the moment, we can listen to music from Spotify, Google Music and Deezer, will soon be joined by Music Key, or streaming of YouTube music and probably much more.Everyone will find something for himself.

And I am happy at the moment that I no longer have to invest in the Bluetooth speaker, which I would put into the kitchen to listen to music while cooking.Instead, I have a fraction of a fraction of Chromecast and old computer speakers, which with quality pierce most BT speakers from a reasonable price shelf.

I just hope that the support for Chromecast will have applications for audiobooks, especially audible.And if someone reads these words of our Polish audioteka - no one is angry for your support for Chromecast Audio.

[Radzewicz] I will tell you what is really worth it.It is worth raising the topic of how Google completely slept through the best time to open the official Polish store.The one where you can buy not only chromecasty and audio chromecats, but also smartphones and tablets from the Nexus series.

Against the background of Western European countries, Poland has the average purchasing power.However, if we do not always afford bent TVs, flagship smartphones or branded workstations, so the new Chromecast is an ideal product for our market.First of all - it's cheap.Secondly - makes older TVs gain "smart" functions.Third - the audio version works miracles with outdated home equipment.

These are all elements that make up the offer well suited to our needs and possibilities.An ideal opportunity to open a Google store in Poland.Unfortunately, in the technological moloch it was not thought at all.It is a pity, because the properly coordinated Prime Minister Chromecast combined with the opening of the online platform would certainly not go unnoticed.

[Polowianiuk] Chromecast uses the philosophy of cheap wine, which is good because it is good and cheap.How much kindness in this "kindness" is known to everyone who tried something better.It is the same with Chromecast.Google advertises him with the slogan "Make Your TV Smart (ER)" and this promise is completely fulfilled.

The new Chromecast has been the company of my TV for several good days.The device is definitely worth $ 35, but you have to be aware that for this price we do not get a modern Smart TV system.Chromecast is just (or until) tail.The simplicity of this device is so significant that you can forget about the nasting of several applications at once.Either you are looking at a photo show or you listen to Spotify.

The biggest advantage?Banal simplicity of use.Biggest flaw?A very limited number of applications supporting tailing, especially among Polish VOD applications.In the United States, where Netflix and Hulu, Chromecast for $ 35 operate.it's even a "no-broner", it's just not proper not to have it.In Poland, however, we have a lot of restrictions, and those that will disqualify for some users.I agree with Maciek that it is ultimately better to buy a more advanced device.As Piotrek Barycki says, it does not matter in terms of several years whether we spend 100 or PLN 300 on the starter.

[Kosinski] I have a large TV, but for a long time it was used primarily to collect dust.I do not pay any television subscription, I play quite rarely on the console, and I prefer to do most things on the computer.I tried to liven up this equipment with the help of Dongl Miracast.It turned out that this solution was far from the ideal.It is true that, as Maciek says, it is a solution that allows you to send any content to a large screen, but it has many disadvantages.Problems with liquidity are just one of them.I was most pissed off that on the TV screen I saw a picture adapted to my computer.That's why I decided to buy a new Chromecast.

As I use the Google ecosystem, it was the perfect solution for me.I have a smartphone and a tablet with Android, my main computer is a chromebook, and I have an Android Wear watch on my hand.That's why I am not hurt to limit Chromecast.I like the culture he provides.When nothing is displayed on the TV, at least it displays nice photos on it.Sure, a dumpiel from Miracast could do it too, but it would require me to act properly.Here I just connected the equipment and...I forgot about its existence.It is limited to a certain number of applications, but thanks to this they are adapted to a large screen and look very good on it.An example is even Deezer, which I am currently happy to use on the big screen.Thanks to Google's position on the market, however, I am sure that the number of applications supporting Chromecast will grow rapidly.

In addition, if I use the Chrome browser, I can send any website to the TV.This is a good substitute for the possibilities of Miracast.After a few days of using it, I only lack the better liquidity of image transmission from Chrome and the ability to simultaneously listen to music and view photos.However, this can be survived thanks to the ridiculously low values devices.Thanks to it, the most demanding people can buy several chromecast.

That is why I do not regret buying Chromecast and I am sure that I will use it more often than from Dongla Miracast, who has already landed in the drawer.If you use Android and Chrome and looking for a simple way not only to make TV more intelligent, but also to easily join it as possible to your ecosystem, you should buy Chromecast.I am convinced that you will be very pleased with it.

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