Personalization of iOS appearance - how to adapt the iPhone under yourself?

Personalization of iOS appearance - how to adapt the iPhone under yourself?

iOS is not Android and we cannot personalize it as it is in Android.However, this does not mean the lack of any possibilities of editing the appearance.Learn how to adapt the iPhone under you.

Opponents of iOS and iPad OS often accuse Apple systems of the interface appearance.The allegation is obviously justified, because in fact on the platforms of the giant from Cupertino it is hard to get full customization.Nevertheless, there are several elements that can be adapted under yourself.Here they are.

How to adapt the look of iOS to your expectations?


Personalizacja wyglądu iOS — jak dostosować iPhone’a pod siebie?

The first thing you can change is wallpapers on the main screen and the lock screen.Each of them can be different.To set new graphics, you need to go to the wallpaper settings and panel.After choosing an interesting picture, e.g..previously downloaded from the network, just define which screens it will be used.


Icons and folders

The next method of customization iOS applies to icons and folders.While Apple imposes us the need to set icons in rows, we can freely move them between the screens and group them in the folders created by the user.Just hold the selected application with your finger and decide to move it on the main screen.


Control center

Dostosować możemy również Control center. Aby zmienić ikony funkcyjne oraz posegregować je według własnych preferencji, należy udać się do Ustawień i Control center.Then, using the Tools to Tools, we drag the selected tools, setting them in any order.



We can also personalize the widgets on the left side of the main screen, on the retractable panel.To do this, just rewind the widgets screen to the bottom and click the Edit.We will then see a panel with the possibility of adding available widgets of third -party applications and system solutions).

Contrary to appearances, this is not the end.

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