Matriks phones.These devices played a key role in movies

Matriks phones.These devices played a key role in movies

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What phones went to movies from the Matrix trilogy?What philosophy is behind the phones in the Matrix universe and why are they of great importance for events from movies?

Matrix is a film trilogy that will soon be resurrected thanks to the new, fourth installment.Movies from this series have gained the name of the iconic and are a considerable feast for the eye, even after so many years after the premiere.

Special effects have undoubtedly attracted the attention of many viewers, but Matrix was also an example of a expressive style and an intriguing plot.Therefore, just discussing the topic of phones from the Matrix trilogy can be carried out in two ways - first expressive style, and then the story.

Nokia 8110 from Matrix was the essence of coolness?

A phone with a sliding flap, which thanks to the built -in spring will change its position in a fraction of the moment, by the way releasing a satisfying sound?Sounds like the essence of coolness and one of the main reasons to buy such a device.Perhaps today some consider it something funny, but the style of such phones with sliding elements perfectly fit into movies from the Matrix series, by the way successfully confirming many viewers in the belief that such a solution is simply cool.

Despite the fact that Nokia 8110 is a real phone that premiered in 1996, the film uses a specially modified version of this device.Consumer Nokia 8110 Unfortunately, she never had a spring that would allow the flip to extend in the same way as it was in the Matrix - it was added only to a copy used in the film.

Nokia wasted the opportunity to earn on the spring mechanism described above?None of these things, just the aforementioned mechanism appeared in a newer model called Nokia 7110, which hit the market in 1999.It is worth adding that 7110 received a WAP browser and allowed you to browse websites on a monochrome phone display.

Samsung SPH-N270 is a gadget exclusively for Matriks fans

Telefony z Matriksa. Te urządzenia odegrały kluczową rolę w filmach

Matrix was able to popularize sunglasses with a specific style, long coats, as well as specific models of mobile phones, so it's hardly surprising that Samsung decided to use it.The manufacturer designed the phone in cooperation with the creators of Matrix: reactivation, so the device visible in the film had its counterpart in the real world, and it was a model called Samsung SPH-N270.

Some fans complained about the fact that SPH-N270 was a bit different from what was visible in Matrix: reactivation, but ultimately many people were interested in buying such a collector's item.Well, it is important that Samsung did not try to create something for mass production, because from the very beginning SPH-N270 was to hit the market in the form of a limited gadget for fans of the film.

The device itself looks quite non -standard, easily catches the eye and has an unusual retractable flap, which after folding protects the screen.Only ten thousand pieces were produced and sold only on a special Samsung website.As a gadget for matrix lovers: reactivation, it could be quite an interesting phone.As a good device competing with other phones on the roar ... Unfortunately, SPH-N270 was a bit poor.

Samsung SPH-N270 was not equipped with a WAP browser, he did not receive a camera and could not play mp3.In other words, the device had various deficiencies that reduced its attractiveness in the modern field - for their time - the phone.Instead, it was simply equipment for collectors, which was strongly associated with a specific film.

Philosophy of phones in the Matrix

Finally, the matter of all philosophy related to phones in the Matrix.If someone has never watched the trilogy, I warn you against potential spoilers.

First of all, the reality presented in the movie Matrix is a simulation.Artificial intelligence has created a virtual world, which is an illusion for human minds - everyone thinks that this illusion is a real reality.

Of course, phones are used to conduct distance conversations and is both in the real world and in the film universe.It is interesting, however, that in the Matriks simulation, some of the phones allow you to transfer human consciousness between the real world and simulation - they are a kind of bridge for such hiking.It can be said that this is a form of the so -called exploit, using the specific properties of phones for other purposes than provided for in the simulation.

Unfortunately, if literally every phone in a matrix allowed such a thing, then it would be too easy.The authors of the film came up with that only some units give such an opportunity and they must always be using telephone cables, stationary devices.

No mob. W związku z tym, gdyby ktoś chciał ustalić, jaki telefon jest najbardziej "matrixowy" - Nokia 8110 czy może Samsung SPH-N270 — zawsze może udzielić odpowiedzi, że po prostu klasyczny telefon stacjonarny, który kojarzy się z klimatami retro.


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