Snapdragon 865 in detail.Will handle 200 Mpix cameras

Snapdragon 865 in detail.Will handle 200 Mpix cameras

During the Snapdragon Tech Summit on the Hawaii event, we could already see the initial list of smartphones that will drive Snapdragon 865 and 765, and the same announcement of the new screen fingerprint reader.The star of the event, however, is the flagship system, on which the details were finally revealed.

Snapdragon 865 is obviously a big performance leap compared to its predecessor

The new unit is made of:

There was also Wi-Fi 802 communications.11AX and Bluetooth 5.1.

Qualcomm declares that the performance and energy efficiency of the processor relative to Snapdragon 855 increased by 25 percent.In turn, the graphics used are to be 20 percent more efficient compared to Adreno 640.and MAPAPETIT for energy smaller by 35 percent.

The company has traditionally applied the corpuly responsible for processing tasks related to artificial intelligence.Its performance compared to its predecessor increased from 7 to 15 TOPS.This means the ability to perform 15 trillion surgery per second.

The Spectra 480 image processor is to be able to process 2 gigapixels per second.

Let's leave dry numbers and look at the practical possibilities that Snapdragon 865 is to offer.

Snapdragon 865 heralds the soon arrival of smartphones with 200 Mpix cameras

Yes, the new system is to handle matrices with a resolution of up to 200 Mpix without any problems.Let us remind you that the current record in the world of smartphones is 108 Mpix.

Of course, theoretical performance itself does not indicate anything;Already in the case of earlier units, Qualcomm declared values that in practice no one even approached.This time it is supposed to be different.

Americans ensure that they work closely with sensor manufacturers and 200 Mpix cameras are really in preparation.The first smartphones using them are to hit the market in 2020.

Snapdragon 865 will save photos immediately with a depth map

Snapdragon 865 w szczegółach. Obsłuży aparaty 200 Mpix

Qualcomm has better used the potential of the Heif format, which is called the successor of the worn JPG.

When taking photos in the Snapdragon 865 portrait mode, it is to enable the simultaneous capture of a regular photo, a version with a digitally blurred background and depth maps.All data is to be stored in one file, so you can use it when processing photos in the external application.

Przykładowo Facebook wykorzystuje zdjęcia z mapami głębi do tworzenia efektownych 3D Photos, ale — w uwagi na mnogoś konkurencyjnych standardów — działa to obecnie wyłącznie na wybranych iPhone'ach i smartfonach Samsunga.There is a chance that thanks to Qualcomma activities, the popularity of this type of solution will increase.

Na tym nie koniec fotograficznych usprawnień

Qualcomm boasts that the SNAPDRAGON 865 Integrated with Snapdragon 865 has special cores to be responsible for the output of the image both when taking photos and filming.They are to be much more effective than in previous generations.

In addition, Spectra 480 is to enable a 9-fold increase in the number of focusing points on the matrix.Thanks to this, producers will be able to create phones with faster and more accurate autofocus.

Snapdragon 865 will also allow you to record movies 8K

The power of the new system is also to be used when filming.Qualcomm declares that it is enough to ensure the recording of the film:

I am particularly intrigued by the possibility of filming and at the same time saving high resolution photos.

In the case of most phones, which have the function of "taking" photos with the video mode enabled, the whole thing comes down to saving a single cage of the film, coinciding with its resolution.When filming 1080p, you get a photo with a poor resolution of 2 Mpix.

On the other hand, Snapdragon 865 is to control video and photo modes independently, so we are talking about a real photo of full quality, not a bad screenshot.This is something.

Of course, we are only talking about the theoretical capabilities of the new system and it is not said that SMATTONO manufacturers will want to use them.

The phone has a snapdragon 865 = phone serves 5g

It gets interesting here.The new system is not integrated with a modem ensuring cell connectivity, so manufacturers will have to buy a separate chip.But.

The only modem with which Snapdragon 865 is compatible is Snapdragon X55, i.e. a 5G unit supporting.

What does it mean?Well, the fact that it will not be possible to buy a phone with Snapdragon 865, which is not able to connect to the new generation network.Well, unless the manufacturer does not block such a possibility for some reason, which, however, would not make much sense.

It has its pros and cons.Conducting producers to a 5G modem can translate into a smartphone price increase (X55 is the most expensive Qualcomm modem).On the other hand, next year's flagships will be more "future resistant".In 2020, hardly anyone will benefit from 5G in Poland, but in 2021 or 2022 it should be much better, and smartphones with Snapdragon 865 will still be used then.

Qualcomm has taken a fairly radical step, which, however, can take a faster 5G popularization.When the market is flooded with compatible phones, operators will have motivation to speed up the work on the construction of infrastructure and prepare interesting offers.

The first smartphones from Snapdragon 865 are expected to hit stores in the first quarter of 2020.It is already known that they will be Xiaomi Mi 10 and Motorola, Oppo or Realme flagships among them.That's it in terms of official announcements, but it is known that there will be a lot, much more devices.

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