The EU wants to fix the biggest disadvantage of the iPhone, but Apple knows better

The EU wants to fix the biggest disadvantage of the iPhone, but Apple knows better

The European Union intends to introduce new regulations to ultimately unify the charger used in smartphones.Apple will suffer under the new law.

At the beginning of the last decade, the European Union went to a crusade, which was to be forced to extinct on the manufacturers of mobile phones to standardize the charging connectors they use.Pressure on the part of the organization brought partial success - producers largely abandoned their own plugins for USB ports (then MicroUSB, currently USB -C).

The European Commission will force the use of a USB-C connector

However, it was not without exceptions, among which Apple is leading.Despite the passage of a decade from the universal USB reception as a standard for charging connectors, the giant from Cupertino still uses his proprietary Lightning port in smartphones.Even worse, the European Union can not do much about it, because no relevant provisions have been introduced.

The latter, however, can change quickly.The European Commission has presented a draft new regulations, under which producers would be legally obliged to allow their devices to be charged using the USB-C port.It is primarily about smartphones, but not only, because the new recipes would also include tablets, headphones, portable speakers, cameras and portable consoles.

Apple: The idea of the European Commission will kill innovations

UE chce naprawić największą wadę iPhone'a, ale Apple wie lepiej

Considering that for most USB-C manufacturers it has been a de facto standard for years, the introduction of new regulations will hit one player primarily: Apple.Representatives of the Giant from Cupertino, moreover, expressed their concern with the plans of the European Commission, suggesting that such a step would lead to "suppressing innovation" and, as a result, will cause consumers more harm than good.However, Apple would lose the same.It is worth remembering that from each accessory with the Lighting connector, the manufacturer charges an appropriate license fee, which would not be possible if it is replaced by USB-C.

Of course, the question remains whether and when the new regulations will come into force.Currently, the project must accept all Member States, but later we are waiting for two years of the transitional period, when producers will have time to adapt to the new regulations.This means that at least until 2024 Apple from the Lightning connector does not have to give up.

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