New Apple TV 4K - first impressions

New Apple TV 4K - first impressions

Nigdy nie byłem wielkim fanem Apple TV. W momencie wprowadzenia wsparcia dla Apple TV, HomeKit, Apple Music oraz AirPlay 2 w telewizorach innych producentów, ta przystawka telewizyjna straciła w moich oczach wszelkie zastosowania z perspektywy osoby mieszkającej w Polsce.Nowe Apple TV 4K - pierwsze wrażenia

However, after the premiere of the new Apple TV, I began to think about buying this equipment.No Canal+ application on Samsung TV, AirPlay problems and the chimeric operation of the entire system prompted me to buy.I quite impulsively ordered Apple TV in the 64 GB version and the next morning the courier delivered a small parcel (despite the fact that the delivery was planned at the beginning of the next week).

The set with a television starter includes documentation, remote control, power supply and cable with USB-A connectors and Lightning.It is a pity that it was not decided to add a USB-C version instead of USB.In current realities, such a cable would be more practical.Unfortunately, there was no HDMI cable, which at this price of the device is quite sad (if I remember correctly, then Apple did not join HDMI either).

New Apple TV visually no different from its predecessor.Black block with HDMI connector, Ethernet input and a place for a power cable.On the upper part of the housing there is an Apple logo with the note TV.The bottom of the device is a rubber stand that lifts the appetizer gently, enabling it to circulate.

The biggest change, however, is the redesigned pilot.Quite thick aluminum construction is great in hand, and all the buttons work very well (unfortunately a little too loud, I would prefer, if you could not hear every click).In place of the glass touch panel, a D-Pad panel appeared with a built-in Click Wheel referring to older iPod.The user's disposal is additionally available the TV on the TV, silencing sound, change of volume, playback, main menu and reversing.However, on the right side there is a button responsible for Siri.

The device configuration itself is extremely simple.Just select the language and region, and then with the iPhone to complete the whole process.As with the Apple Watch, HomePoda or iPad/iPhone watch, just bring the phone closer to another device.After a while, the whole will be magically configured.Of course, you can also go through the whole process by hand, but it will take a lot more time.

It also turned out that when we use the Polish App Store, we are not able to activate Siri on Apple TV.It is worth remembering, because it is quite burdensome when we want to change the account settings or log in to another account.

The first impressions of using Apple TV are also very good.The whole works incredibly smoothly, the touch panel and the buttons are very responsive and react immediately.Initially, I had a little problem with getting used to the touch panel integrated with the D-Pad, but after a while its control stopped making me difficult.

I was also caused by the recalibration of the image on the TV.The whole process runs very quickly and improves the colors displayed on the screen.I could only stick to the description of the process, because at first I was holding the phone too far from the TV.It must be approached at a distance of two or three centimeters.

The possibility of using homepodes as loudspeakers for Xbox or played content from the TV, very good AirPlay 2, the number of available applications, the ability to quickly connect AirPods, Siri or thread support are just some of the elements in favor of buying this device.Of course, it should be said directly - a very expensive device, the price of which depends on the version.The 32 GB of memory model costs PLN 899, while PLN 999 you have to pay for a variant with a memory of 64 GB.

People using the previous generation Apple TV 4K must remember that the new Apple TV remote control cannot be used as a controller.To do this, use a supported device - a controller from Xbox/Play Station or models from MFI, for example, SteelSeries Nimbus.

From the perspective of Smart TV on Samsung - in my opinion one of the best built -in systems on manufacturers' TVs - and an extremely comfortable pilot, switching to Apple TV and Siri Remote required some time and change of habits, but after a certain period, when the so -calledMuscle memory, system support becomes very natural.

It can be safely said that Apple TV is a perfect complement to the home Apple ecosystem.Support for Homekit, integration with Apple services, including Apple One, increased privacy - these are the most obvious advantages of this device.By adding the pros that I mentioned above, the image of a complete device emerges.

The article was originally published in MyApple Magazine No. 2/2021

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