The new iPhone 14 is to be a gigantic step forward

The new iPhone 14 is to be a gigantic step forward

The question, of course, in what areas of the new iPhone would be such a big change against the background of existing models, and above all it is about appearance.iPhone 12 and Pro models referred to the version many years ago - iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, which were much more angular, after which from the iPhone 6 model each subsequent version had rounded edges and more rounded shapes.This year's iPhone 13 has not changed visually, new color versions have been added to distinguish 13 from 12 - this practice has been used by Apple for years.

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New iPhone 14 even more from the history of the iPhone?

Of course, the most questions are asked about what the iPhone 14 would look like and we don't know the specifics here.It can be assumed that we will get closer to the premiere.They bet, however, that Redesign will be based on getting rid of a typical indentation (notch) in the upper part of the screen.Instead, there may be a small hole for a webcam or Apple will hide it behind the screen, which would be a surprise, because Apple does not decide on such news too early, and the technology itself is not so developed.According to Prosser, the iPhone 14 will return to round volume buttons (as in the iPhone 4 and 5), and the island with cameras will disappear, because the entire rear panel will be flat.What's more, the iPhone 14 is to have Lightning Port, despite the regulations implemented by the EU about the obligation to install USB-C connectors.

Touch ID may come back, but Apple probably doesn't know what to think about it

Interesting reports about the return of Touch ID in the new iPhone - this is the next year when the re -appearance of the fingerprint reader on the Apple smartphone is announced.Among the predictions, it appears to install it in the lock button on the edge of the device, as it was on the iPad Air and iPad Mini, although apparently Apple is constantly working on the implementation of the reader in the screen.If such a novelty came to the iPhone, they would all expect a reliable system that would probably work with face ID.

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Nowy iPhone 14 ma być gigantycznym krokiem naprzód

For many people, Face ID is enough - fast and safe - a protective mechanism, which is why they doubt the back ID return.Perhaps the multitude of discussions is not completely unfounded, because Apple itself can still be torn in this matter.Patents on how the new generation of Touch ID was already published, so I would not be surprised if Apple delayed this action until their implementation technology would be successful enough to put the reader under the screen.The ones available today work fairly quickly and relatively reliably, but apparently Apple would like to offer something more.

The camera in the iPhone 14 will raise smartphones to a completely new level

According to Kuo, Apple plans to erect an iPhone on a completely new level in terms of photo and video.Cameras in the iPhone 13 PRO are defined in the best in the industry, so if there were the biggest changes in history before Apple, the quality of photos and videos from the iPhone 14 can cause the jaw falling.However, before we wait for this, we must use predictions.Kuo predicts that the iPhone 14 will have a 48 megapixel lens with the option of recording in 8K.

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