Today is an SMS birthday.Do you remember these times ...?

Today is an SMS birthday.Do you remember these times ...?

SMS news is one of the simplest services in mobile telephony.Despite the passage of years and a huge technological leap.Today, SMS celebrates his birthday - see his story.

First SMS message (Ang.Short Message Service) was sent on December 3, 1992 in Great Britain.On this day, the Vodafone operator, Neil Papworth, wrote to his colleagues short "Merry Christmas".This is where the huge popularity of text messages from phones began.

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The first SMSs in the pioneering years of GSM mobile telephony were created as a tool for operators who could thus send unilateral messages to their clients, for example about changes in network work or offers, just like it is still used.Hence the limit of 160 characters.The creators of this solution decided that so much is enough for technical purposes.Initially, there was also a limitation that did not allow for the exchange of SMSs between various operators.You had to wait a few nice years for this function.

Nobody thought at the time that SMSs would become one of the most popular forms of communication between all mobile network users, and even partially stationary, around the world, for the next decades.

Dziś sąbirthday SMS-a. Czy pamiętasz te czasy…?

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Today SMS celebrates 29.birthday

The 29-year history of the SMS begins with Christmas wishes and in fact there was such a decade at the beginning of the century, when every Christmas Eve every few minutes we had a cell phone, because another SMS came a poem.Today we get a lot less such messages.I think that if most of us were reviewing the contents of the box in the phone, we will find more confirmation of the package or the dates of a visit to the dentist than messages from friends.But it's normal for almost every time that she is doing different things now than in childhood and youth.This does not mean that SMS disappears from our lives, but like a radio or watch adapts to a slightly different role than it once did

- comments Maja Wiśniewska, Marketing Manager SMSAPI.

What happened over the years?Here are the most important events in the history of text messages:

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SMS has similar, more extensive forms of communication, such as EMS or MMS, but they did not change user habits.Recently, the RCS format is increasingly mentioned as a successor to SMS.However, the following years pass, and the text messages still hold firmly.

RCS is more and more clearly called on the horizon, sometimes called the successor of the SMS.Although the new standard is not entirely it, it can begin to perform such a function.It is enough that it will contain all multimedia extensions that we like in messengers, and at the same time will become as common as SMSs and will not require the installation of any application, because it will work immediately.It is possible that we will find completely new applications for him again, which now does not come to anyone's mind

- sums up Maja Wiśniewska, SMSAPI.

In recent years, SMSs have also become a popular tool for cyber criminals.In extreme cases, clicking on the links posted in the messages can lead to loss of savings accumulated on a bank account.Customers of cellular networks are harassed by false SMSs from alleged couriers, operators, tax offices or energy suppliers.Such messages are best deleted immediately and you should never click with suspicious links.

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Text source: SMSAPI, Wł.

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