We checked how much the iPhone X repair costs in Poland.Read on sitting

We checked how much the iPhone X repair costs in Poland.Read on sitting
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Piotr Grabiec08 listopada 2017

iPhone X is the most expensive Apple phone in history.Due to the unusual screen and glass backs, we were afraid that the cost of repair would also be space.We decided to check it.

372 interakcjidołącz do dyskusji

The new smartphone of the company from Cupertino costs nearly PLN 5,000 in Poland in Poland.Customers who decide to buy this model must in addition to high repair costs in the event of mechanical damage not covered by the warranty.

How much does the iPhone X phone cost?

In our country, Apple sells its equipment only online.We don't have a single Apple Store salon to which the customer could relate a damaged iPhone.

I asked representatives of three stores dealing with the sales and service of Apple equipment in Poland.

It turns out that the screen replacement is included in the Cortland, ISPOT price lists.Repair of bruised backs is not possible.The only offer of websites is to replace the device with a new copy.

iPhone X - how much does repair cost in Cortland?

Sprawdziliśmy, ile kosztuje naprawa iPhone'a X w Polsce. Czytajcie na siedząco

The possibility of repair depends on the degree of damage to the phone.If only the screen is broken, it is possible to replace it in the amount of PLN 1479 gross.This is the original part from Apple.If the housing or/or rear window is damaged, then the method of repair is the replacement of the phone. Art per item, in the amount of PLN 2749 gross.

iPhone x - repair price in the IMAD store

In the case of a compact LCD panel, the cost of its replacement is PLN 1399 gross.In the case of a broken rear device housing.

iPhone X - ISPOT repair cost

The fast exchange is PLN 1749, while the whole device is PLN 2999.

Where to fix the iPhone X the cheapest?

In the case of three websites, to which I sent a question about the price of repairing the iPhone X, replacement of the display is the most financially financially at IMAD, where it costs PLN 1399.

Replacing the device with new ones, e.g..In the case of breaking the glass on the back, it comes out best in Cortland.This store has valued the service at PLN 2749.However, prices are similar in each case.

Of course, other Apple services operate in Poland.In the event of a screen bruise, you can go to them in search of better prices.Unauthorized websites may also be a salvation.

Looking at repair prices, it is better to puff and blow.

Exchange of screens in iPhones has always been expensive.Considering that the iPhone X as the first Apple phone has an OLED display (in addition with a cutout at the top) such a high replacement cost, of ok.1/4 of the new phone price, it should not be surprising.

An unpleasant surprise, however, may be the inability to replace the glass itself on the back - the more that the iPhone X is not the first Apple phone in which this material covers the rear panel of the housing.iPhones 4 and 4S allowed for a quick exchange.

Very high repair prices.

In addition, in Poland, in the case of the iPhone X, it is impossible to buy Apple Care Plus, which allows you to repair a damaged iPhone for a government of a smaller amount than normal.

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