You can feel like on Android on your iPhone. Google has a way

By Chrisfugiel

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  • Widgets from the Google application, Google Calendar. Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Fit, Google Classroom, YouTube and YouTube Music can be - as Google boasts - conveniently placed on the iPhone home screen, thanks to which the user has convenient shortcuts to his favorite services, as well as instant preview the most important information and data derived from them. Na iPhonie możesz poczuć się jak na Androidzie. Google ma na to sposób

    You can also use the so-called smart stacks, in which iOS groups widgets to save screen space. Google recalls that its applications are fully compatible with Stacks.

    Finally, you can make Chrome your default browser and replace Safari with it. The browser integrates with Spotlight, providing additional hints from Google Search. It also syncs history and user data from Chrome on Mac.

    This is, of course, another attempt to fight the curse of default applications - i.e. the phenomenon where the user prefers applications provided with the device instead of looking for alternatives. Considering the popularity of Google services, including among iPhone users, the company has been doing an effective job so far.

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